Range Anxiety - EVision Electric Vehicle Hire Range Anxiety is a worry that you do not have enough charge in your car to make it to your destination. Range Anxiety, Range, Charging, Distance, Long Journey, electric cars, EV rental, evision, car hire

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Range anxiety

Range anxiety is a term you may have heard people mention when talking about electric cars. Putting it in the simplest terms, it is a worry that you do not have enough charge in your car to make it to your destination. It is a feeling similar to that experienced by drivers of conventional ICE cars, wondering if they have enough diesel or petrol to make it to the next fueling station. Range anxiety is considered to be one of the major barriers to large scale adoption of all-electric cars.

Do I need to worry about range?

In short, no! An average daily journey in the UK is less than 30 miles. The EVision cars with even the lowest range on a full battery will go up to 150 miles on a single charge, much further than the average daily drive. If you are planning to go on a longer journey we would recommend you using one of the charge point locator apps, such as ZapMap, to plan your journey before you set off.

All Tesla cars in the EVision fleet will show you the position of all the Tesla Superchargers along your route on the Sat Nav when you program in a destination.

The main strategies to alleviate range anxiety among electric car drivers are the deployment of extensive charging infrastructure, the development of higher battery capacity at a cost-effective price, battery swapping technology, use of range extenders, accurate navigation and range prediction and availability of free loan vehicles for long trips.