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The Tesla Model 3 is now available at EVision Electric Car Hire!

Posted on 2nd July 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

The latest of Tesla’s brilliant electric vehicles, the Model 3, is one of the most pre-ordered cars of all time. Now, finally, it has arrived here at EVision Electric Car Hire. We have a small number of Model 3s available for self-drive hire, both standard-range and long-range variants. We have been very excited to add these cars to our fleet, and once you’ve seen all the cool features they boast, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one.



Designed to be suited to the mass car market, the Model 3 makes it even easier to drive a Tesla. It is cheaper than the original Model S, but still feels like a premium vehicle.

The seats are made from the same vegan leather, and come in either all black or black and white colouring. The roof is also entirely made of glass, and protects the drivers and passengers from both UV and infrared light.

The centre console has ample storage space for drinks, wallets, and whatever else you might want to keep in your car. There is also a phone charging compartment which is capable of charging two smartphones simultaneously.

GadgetsTesla Model 3 - Interior

Both models include electronically adjustable heated front seats, which can be saved to a custom driver profile along with the position of the steering wheel and side view mirrors. Each driver of the Tesla can create their own driver profile, and once they get in the car, everything will automatically adjust to how they have set it in their profile.

The steering wheel mounted controls also change functions depending on what screen the infotainment system is displaying. For example with music, they control the volume and playback; they can also be used to adjust the steering wheel position and the side view mirrors when in the correct setting.

Safety and Security

The Model 3 comes without a traditional car key, or even a key fob; the key is your phone. Sync your car and your phone together, and whenever they’re close, your Tesla will recognise, and you’ll be able to drive away without ever pressing a button.

But what if you want to let someone else drive your Tesla? Could you trust them with your car AND your phone? Luckily, there’s no need to give any belongings to anyone, as the Model 3 also comes with two credit card sized cards that will also open and power on your Tesla with a simple tap.

With 360 degree sensors and cameras, it’s super easy to drive a Tesla. You can be assured that your car will alert you if you are about to hit something, making parking a breeze. The HD reversing camera can be toggled to stay on even when the car is in other driving modes. The front facing camera can also act as a dashcam, as well as a security camera when Sentry Mode is enabled. This records movement around the car, and displays a message on the infotainment screen to let any potential car thief know they are being watched.

15" Infotainment Screen

The heart and soul of the Tesla is the large centre screen that controls everything in the car. In the Model 3, this screen is 15” across, and is the only display in the vehicle, meaning it displays driver’s information such as speed and warning lights, as well as controlling the car’s entertainment system.

Everything to do with the car’s operation is dealt with through the infotainment screen. This includes:Tesla Model 3 - Atari Easter Egg

  • Music playback, either from the radio, Bluetooth or online streaming (premium interior only)
  • Locking and unlocking the outside doors or trunks
  • Internet browsing (premium interior only)
  • Navigation
  • Heating and air conditioning

One of the latest Tesla easter eggs even allows you to play retro Atari games using the steering wheel as the controller, although this can only be done while the car is in park.


Range anxiety can be a big hangup when thinking about electric car hire. Luckily, all of our Model 3s come with 18” aero wheels, which make the car more aerodynamic, and can increase the range of the vehicle by up to 5%. Moreover, charging the Model 3 is quicker than ever, with Tesla superchargers being able to add 170 miles of charge in just 30 minutes! That’s plenty of time to stop off at the services to stretch your legs, or grab a bite to eat.

All vehicles hired from EVision Electric Car Hire can be charged for free at any of our partner companies, including Diggerland Theme Parks, and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd depots, so charging doesn’t have to cost the earth if you’re close by.

Now for the individual models:

Standard RangeTesla Model 3 - Standard

Technical Specifications

The Standard Range Model 3 is a 46kWh, single motor, rear-wheel-drive vehicle with the partial premium interior. It accelerates from 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds, and has a top speed of 140mph. The Standard Range is available for short and long-term hire from EVision Electric Car Hire.


The partial premium interior includes most of the standard Tesla systems, such as built in navigation and the 15” touchscreen that controls everything inside and outside of the car. The main difference that users will see in this model, is that the partial premium interior does not come with built-in music streaming platforms, such as Spotify and TuneIn that have appeared in previous Tesla models. Music can still be played through the in-car radio, or from your phone with Bluetooth.

Navigation also comes standard with the partial premium interior, as well as an immersive sound system, and a plethora of easter eggs, which are common with all Tesla vehicles. This is the most accessible way to drive a Tesla.

Long Range

Technical Specifications

The Long Range Model 3 is a 75kWh, dual motor, all-wheel-drive electric vehicle with premium interior. It accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 145mph. The Long Range also benefits from extended drive time as a result of the larger battery. This model is available for short and long term personal hire from EVision Electric Car Hire.


The premium interior is one of the best that Tesla has to offer. In this Model 3, you have access to in-car music streaming services, Tesla Model 3 - Long Rangenamely Spotify, as well as the radio and bluetooth capabilities of the former model. This also includes a premium immersive sound system with 14 speakers, one subwoofer and two amps.

The navigation is also upgraded in this model, with an optional satellite view of the map, as well as live traffic visualisation. The infotainment screen also has a built-in web browser in this model, which can be used like a normal tablet to browse the internet.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the premium interior is the addition of heated rear seats. All three seats in the back can be heated independently, and to different intensities.

Performance Model

Technical Specifications

The Performance Model 3 is a 75kWh, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive vehicle for those who want a more sporty ride. It accelerates from 0-60mph in an amazing 3.2 seconds, and has a top speed of 162 mph. The increase in power make steep hills effortless, even with a packed out car.

The Performance model also comes with an assortment of external features that make it sportier than the other two models. It comes with 20” performance wheels, performance brakes, and a lowered suspension to match the high speeds it can reach. It also has a carbon fiber spoiler to the rear, and aluminium alloy pedals.


Software wise, the Performance model features everything included with the premium interior, as well as an added driving mode called Track Mode. This is similar to the hidden Ludicrous mode on the P100D, which removed all restrictions on the acceleration of the vehicle. Track mode is similar, but offers a wider range of features, including increased regenerative braking, enhanced cornering power, and enhanced cooling power for the car’s driving systems. Within a controlled track environment this is definitely one of the most fun ways to drive a Tesla.

Finally, the most impressive feature of these vehicles is their autopilot capabilities. Although not currently implemented, these cars have the ability to drive fully autonomously from point A to point B, without you ever having to intervene. Several laws mean that this feature is not available yet, but the technology is there, and there are even early forms of autonomous driving that are enabled on the cars, such as autonomous motorway driving with lane keep assist.

Needless to say, the Model 3 has impressed us here at EVision Electric Car Hire; what do you think?

Try for yourself, and drive a Tesla today! The Model 3 is available for short and long term personal hire. Call us on 01634 914063, or use our website to register your interest.