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New EVs coming on the market soon

Posted on 28th June 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

As we know, the EV world is ever growing, adding new, electric cars to the market year by year. There are copious amounts of car manufacturers that are now switching to EVs, making their first debut. For Instance, the Audi e-tron was the first of its kind, creating a magnificent SUV and surpassing all expectations. If you want to hire an Audi e-tron to test all its amazing features, don’t be shy to enquire.

Our aim at EVision Electric Car Hire is to raise awareness of electric cars and get people converting, so it is exciting to see an increase in the consumption of EVs, confirming that there is more awareness in the preservation of the environment. With the world becoming more advanced in technology, we want to show you what's new on the market.

We may even be getting these EVs as part of our fleet, so stay tuned!

Introducing the Honda Honda ee

At first glance, this looks like a striking resemblance of the former Honda Civic or a character from Wall-e! Although don’t take the retro look to heart, the Honda e comes with plenty of refreshing characteristics.

The Japanese manufacturers wanted to focus on the Honda e being practical for city users. They also wanted to focus on distinguishing the car from a conventional petrol/diesel car, therefore when people saw it, they knew it was electric.

This compact EV changes the game as there is so much attention to detail with each feature, all serving a noble purpose.


Even though this EV is small, it still has a mighty presence. Having 8 overall cameras, there is nothing this car will miss. There is a camera on the front grill, two cameras as a sensor, the conventional door mirrors are replaced with two cameras on each side (one as a blind spot and the other as a 360 view), and then there is a camera intertwined within the rearview mirror. This feature is truly smart and maybe the first of its nature in the EV world. The rearview mirror is used as a traditional mirror, but once you flip the switch on the back, it turns into an LCD screen viewing the back of the car through the camera!

The overall design of the EV incorporates a range of circles, squares and triangles, throughout the exterior and interior. This was not accidental. The Head of Design at Honda, explains that these specific shapes have significant meanings.

  • Circle = Harmony
  • Triangle = Advance
  • Square = Function

They wanted to incorporate these into their design so every part of the Honda e follows a concept.

With so much thought going into the Honda e, they placed the charging point on top of the bonnet, finishing it with a glass case. The lid pops open with a click of a button on the key, and closes manually back into place.

Just like the Audi e-tron, the Honda e can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes making this a great option for an EV. Rapid charging promotes longer journeys, by adding as much range as possible, in the shortest amount of time. This helps eliminate all range anxiety for any electric car converts, knowing that there is an instantaneous solution.

The battery of the Honda e has an expected total capacity of 35.5 kWh. It also has an estimated range of over 120 miles, which is achievable on a fully charged battery. (The actual range will however, depend on several factors including: the use of climate controls, terrain, driving style and speed.)

The estimated maximum power of the Honda e is 100 kW (134 hp) and has a predicted maximum torque of 184 lb-ft. The Japanese manufacturers wanted to make sure that the Honda e was a rear-wheel drive, so it allows a smaller turn radius, focusing on the urban-centric factor.

With 17” alloy wheels, this 5 door hatchback can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in an estimated 8.0 seconds and the estimated top speed is 93 mph.


Inspired by Japanese origins of architecture, the open-plan layout of the Honda e reflects ‘Ma’. The word defines the dynamics created by open space. Honda’s designers and engineers worked in harmony, creating a flat floor and rear-wheel drive layout, that allows for such an open interior. Clean, concise graphics for the driver’s information display and infotainment system ensure that the latest technology complements the natural feel.

There is not one, not two… but five LED screens on the dash of the Honda e! There is one on each side for the side cameras, one in the middle that gives you all of your information, (such as miles per hour and range) and then there's two in the centre that are used for the driver or passenger, to control all personal assistant features, (such as navigation, radio or mobile phone connections). The last screen can be used as one screen, flipping the image between the two. Even though there is a lot of screen space, the technology is not intrusive at all.

The two-spoke steering wheel is retro-futuristic, similar to the original civic. You will find all the sensing technology, audio buttons, headlights and regenerative braking paddles on the steering wheel.

The interior has a luxurious, bespoke feel to it, having textured film and wooden surfaces around the car. The centre console is completely wooden having standard and improved buttons. There is an all-new ‘one pedal driving button’. When you push the button, you can just use the accelerator pedal. The pedal drives the car forward when pressed, and brakes when pressure is released.Honda e Interior

Cup holders are available, removable, moveable and just generally epic. There is even one at the front of the centre console, so it doesn't matter how many guests you have, they can all have cup holders. USB and charging ports are also equipped in the Honda e, you can connect just about anything in this car.

What’s really amazing about this car, is how the whole interior concept makes you feel like you’re anywhere, but in a car. Here are just a few features that make the Honda e feel like a living space!

  • There are LED lights in the roof of the car similar to the lights of a modern house
  • The LED screens have been modified around a flat screen TV
  • The seats could be comparable to sofas, especially in the back

The Honda e is a four-seater with flat seats, not sculpted or sporty, giving more room to passengers and the seats have a lounge-like feel. The seats have a melange texture fabric, that's normally only used on sofas. Honda definitely went the extra mile to make sure everything was top quality for this small electric car.


The overall presentation of the car is very smooth and sleek. The two-tone, gloss black and a satin white body pushes the electric car into a renewed look. Having a disguised, frameless back door ensures the evenness of the car isn’t disrupted.

Some of the material used for the frame is the exact material used for the Honda NSX. If you aren't familiar with the Honda NSX; it’s a sports car made by Honda that is radically indestructible. Even though this feature might not make it into production, the Honda logo on the front of the bonnet lights up! This is so different from any other electric cars, or even any cars on the market.

Now, let’s talk about the key fob. As well as having the lock button, unlock button, the button to open the trunk and the charge point, it also has a physical key if you need to open it manually. You may not need it but it's definitely nice to have the security. This is the first EV by Honda so they really pulled out all the stops. The fact that it's agile and has good handling capability, makes it all the more worth it. You can even use this car as a generator!

There has been a lot of positive feedback on this 3.9 meters long electric car. People are seriously hyped up about the Honda e as it certainly gives us a new outtake on EVs. The options are limitless with electric cars, having a perfect ride for everyone.

Carry on reading to find out about other new EVs coming to the market.

Introducing the VW ID.3VW ID.3

From the very first glimpse, the new VW ID.3 has a sporty layout with 18-inch alloy wheels. The high-performance electric motor provides constant, dynamic acceleration and driving performance that will leave you speechless.

For now, the VW ID.3 is a concept car that's going to be released in 2020. Even though it's going to be released next year, there are already big expectations and an even bigger waiting list.

The ID.3 will be unveiled in September 2019 in Frankfurt at the IAA Motorshow. A couple of months after the show, production will start with a special 'ID.3 1ST' edition of the mid-range version. First deliveries of the special edition are intended for the summer of 2020, with the standard and long-range landing later.

As the car is still operating in the development stage, the specifications will not be completely accurate but give a rough guideline of the true figures.


The all-electric hatchback will come in a variety of cool, sleek colours having a contrasting paint job on the roof. This is exactly what the EV market needs adding a more relaxed car, perfect for any age group.

All the exterior lights will be LEDs, matching with the LED interior lights too. Also looking futuristic, this car has front and rear parking sensors as well as a rearview camera. As this is an EV.

With the branding of Volkswagen everywhere in and out of the car, it's hard to miss. It is expected to have a slim strip of LED running between the headlights, lighting this EV up everywhere it goes.

Apparently, when you approach the VW ID.3 with the key, the car winks at you! How cool is that? An EV that interacts with you first.

The boot-mounted spoiler and rear-facing cameras, (which replace conventional wing mirrors) do a great job helping the aerodynamics of the car, because it creates less drag. The door handles reveal itself once the door is unlocked keeping the stature of the car to a minimum.

The estimated maximum power of the VWID.3 Standard Range is 100 kWh (134 hp) and the estimated maximum torque is 221 lb-ft. The VWID.3 Standard Range is a rear wheel drive and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in an estimated 8.0 seconds (the same as the Honda e). Sequentially, the estimated top speed is 99 mph.

The battery of the VW ID.3 Standard Range has an expected total capacity of 48 kWh. It has an estimated range of about 185 miles, which is achievable on a fully charged battery. (Again, the actual range will, however, depend on several factors including; the use of climate controls, terrain, driving style and speed). Charging is done using a Type 2 connector and the onboard charger has a maximum power of 11 kW. This charges a fully consumed battery back to 100% in approximately 5 hours.


We are all waiting for the big reveal, in regards to the interior of the car. Volkswagen have only revealed a few features to keep us in the loop but will reveal the rest, when the vehicle goes into production.

So far we know that there are 5 seats in total, making this EV spacious. To get an idea of the size, the VW ID.3 is slightly bigger than the Volkswagen Golf interior. It also has all the basic features in the car as well.

There is voice control activated in the car that interacts with you for all your needs. The car will inform you of upcoming traffic, if there is an oncoming car, it will even tell you what the time is! This smart technology will definitely make it into production as it was one of Volkeswagen’s main focuses in the interior.

The car will always be connected to the internet; so you can receive all the necessary updates with this electric car. This now makes it easier for you to access the internet directly from your car, instead of having to connect your phone.

The boot is also apparently going to be extremely capacious, so even though it is a hatchback, you will be able to hold a multitude of items and fold down the back seats to fit in more.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the features and will definitely keep you updated!


“The ID.3 heralds in the new era of electric mobility.” 

The EV world is truly excited about the release in 2020, because there is limited information about the car, compared to other new electric cars. From the first appearance of the I.D. concept car at the September 2016 Paris Motor Show, this has been the talk of the town.

They did reveal that there would be three different battery choices on offer with the ID.3.

  • Base: 45 kWh battery, 330 km WLTP range
  • Mid-spec: 58 kWh battery, 420 km WLTP range
  • Top-spec: 77 kWh battery, 550 km WLTP range


At different price points, this car is literally catered to everybody who is interested in electric cars...which should be everybody! From the VW ID.3 adverts, the EV just screams vibrancy and fun.

Introducing the Nissan Leaf e+Nissan Leaf e+

Since 2010, the original Nissan Leaf has sold more than 400,000 units; proven to be a popular demand on the EV market. In the UK, it has a whopping 36% share of the fast-growing EV market. Now, the Nissan Leaf has added a second generation; the Nissan Leaf e+, with a longer range. There are a few changes inside and outside including a bigger battery and added interior features, making this EV up to date. This EV will be released later this year as long with the long line of other EVs joining the market.


The Nissan Leaf e+ has upgraded the characteristics of the exterior to make sure it is in line with new trends. They have added fresh blue highlights to the bottom of the bumper, making sure the customers know that it is current. There is also a new e+ badge in the charging point to differentiate between the old Nissan Leaf and the new Nissan Leaf e+.

The most significant change about the Nissan Leaf e+ is the battery. The Nissan Leaf e+ is a pure electric car that has the maximum power of 160 kW (215 hp). The maximum torque is 251 lb-ft. The Nissan Leaf e+ is also a front wheel drive giving more control to the steering and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a powerful 7.3 seconds. The top speed of the Nissan Leaf e+ is 98 mph, so can easily be used as an everyday car.

As the battery is much larger than the original, the battery of the Nissan Leaf e+ has a total capacity of 62 kWh. The usable capacity is estimated to be around 60 kWh. This EV will also have a range of about 215 miles, which is achievable on a fully charged battery. This is more than a 60 mile increase than the original Nissan Leaf! (Like we said before, the actual range will, however, depend on several factors including; the use of climate controls, terrain, driving style and speed).

Other than those extra changes to the exterior of the Nissan Leaf e+, it is fairly similar to the original Nissan Leaf having:

  • 17" Alloy wheels
  • Privacy Glass
  • Electric Folding door mirrors
  • New two-tone exterior colours
  • Intelligent Auto Headlights with full LED


As soon as you enter the Nissan Leaf e+ there is an uncanny similarity to the original. It would take a keen eye to see the differences. The interior is quite simple and precisely placed, allowing the EV to be suitable for anyone.

There is a bigger 8” touch screen in the Nissan Leaf e+ . The Entertainment system is relatively the same as the original Nissan Leaf such as the radio, phone connection and navigation and there is still a Bose 7-speaker surround system. The Pro Pilot Semi-Autonomous Driving Assistance which includes lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control are still included in the Nissan Leaf e+. What’s really great about the driving assistance, is that if you keep your hands off the wheel for long, then the car will warn you and eventually stop the car safely in the lane, promoting health and safety as the key point. You can also adjust the steering wheel up and down to suit your driving style.

The seats are still leather and what people may not know, is many of the interior plastics are actually made from renewable sources. The seats in the centre model are covered in recycled fabric! Talk about going the whole green mile! Still on the topic of seats, every single seat in this car (including the rear seats) can be heated. This will be amazing for those cold winters.

The space at the back of the car is roomy for a hatchback, but the headroom may seem limited for people over 6ft. There is ample amounts of boot space in the Nissan Leaf e+, having foldable seats to create more space. You’ll find storage nets and clips to attach cases down securely.


The Nissan Leaf e+ runs smoothly and sturdy on the road creating a perfect atmosphere inside the car. As well as having limited wind and road noise, you will find nothing but peace when driving this car.

Nissan have created an app for your phone, for both the Nissan Leaf e+ and the Nissan Leaf, to give you car updates and functionalities such as:

  • To see where your car is parked
  • To preheat the cabin
  • To see how much range you have left
  • To see how close the charging stations are
  • Any new updates from Nissan


Again, this EV can be used as a generator! You can put power back into your house and even the grid around you. There are so many benefits when purchasing this electric car. Like the Kia e-Niro, the EV emits a humming sound to warn pedestrians, and will automatically brake if someone is in front of the car. You can do the bare minimum but this car will always be alert.

If you like to sit up high whilst driving, you're in luck! The Nissan Leaf sits high like a small SUV, giving you a better overall view of the road and the front of the car.

EVisions new electric cars

In light of celebrating the new EVs, we want to mention that we have received some new electric cars ourselves, here at EVision Electric Car Hire! When we received the Kia e-Niro here at EVision, the car proved very popular with our customers, we have barely seen the car since it arrived! Do not miss out on driving the Kia e-Niro as it is super hard to get hold of everywhere else. More details can be found on our website, but just to give you an idea:Jaguar I-Pace

  • Range: 282 miles (WTLP rated)
  • 0-60 MPH: 7.5 seconds
  • Max Speed: 104mph Seats: 5

We have also received the Audi e-tron, the first EV made by Audi. We were extremely excited to receive ours, and test out all the neat features. You can definitely tell that Audi made this car to impress.

  • Range: 249 miles (WTLP rated)
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.7 seconds
  • Max Speed: 124mph Drive Train: 4WD Seats: 5

The Jaguar I-Pace came in like a storm, affecting the luxury EV market massively. These sleek electric cars have been really popular here at EVision, and we can’t wait for you to test out how great it really is.

  • Drive Train: 4WD Range: 292 Miles(WTLP rated)
  • 0-60 MPH: 4.5 Seconds
  • Max Speed: 124 MPH
  • Seats: 5 Mileage: Unlimited

We now have over 180 pure electric vehicles on fleet and we’re still growing. We hope to continue to spread the awareness of electric cars, as this will drastically help preserve the environment.

We offer so many options at EVision Electric Car Hire, if you are looking to hire our electric vehicles such as:

Short Term Hire

1-90 days hire with a wide range of EVs to choose from. Perfect option for a weekend away or just to use for a brief array of time.

Long Term Hire

Over 3 months with unbeatable prices, we have great EVs to meet your standards. You can even use these EVs as company cars, helping the environment by not emitting CO2.

Chauffeur Service

We offer chauffeuring for weddings to make your special day excellent, with one less thing to worry about. Airport Transfers making your trip stress free and smooth. And general chauffeuring services for any business meetings or arriving anywhere like a party in style.

Gift Experience

An EVision gift card gives the lucky recipient the opportunity to drive a Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Jaguar I-Pace or a Renault ZOE E.

Don’t hesitate to call us for any enquiries on 01634 914063.

We look forward to hearing from you!