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Car hire in Kent and great places to visit

Posted on 8th July 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

Have you got your summer holidays planned yet? Stop right there if the answer is no. We know how stressful it is to plan days out with the children to keep them busy, or even have a long weekend away without the children as it’s so hectic. Here at EVision Electric Car Hire, we have a selection of pure electric cars that are perfect for perhaps a long weekend, or even a week away for a family holiday. We have put together a list of places to visit, as well as local accommodation and charge points that you may want to visit if you are looking at car hire in Kent.


First things first, if you’re looking at accommodation here are the best places to stay, that are in close vicinity to our head office in Kent:

Holiday Inn - Maidstone

Located in the heart of Kent, the Holiday Inn, Maidstone can be easily accessed via the M20 or the M26. This hotel is situated roughly 30 minutes away when driving your EV from EVision Electric Car Hire, but when you’re on your holiday there is no time limit, enjoy the scenery that Kent has to offer!

Holiday Inn have a Polar charge point on site, which will give customers access to charge their electric cars using a CCS, CHAdeMO, or a Type 2 charger. If you choose to use the Holiday Inn as your accommodation, ensure that you register the number plate with reception, to be entitled to free parking whilst you’re charging.

If you’re looking at enjoying a long weekend away without the children, then be sure to make a stop at Wrotham Heath Golf Club, if this is a sport you enjoy. It is only a short four minute drive from the hotel so you can’t really pass up the opportunity right?

Bridgewood Manor - Chatham

Bridgewood Manor is a lovely 4 star hotel located in Chatham, at the top of Bluebell Hill. This is the closest hotel to EVision, situated just over 5 miles drive away. Similar to the Holiday Inn, Bridgewood Manor also have a Polar Charging Point, but has two Type 2 Chargers. This will cover you charging wise, for the majority of cars that we have at EVision Electric Car Hire.

If you choose to stay at Bridgewood Manor, with your children for a holiday in Kent, then you’re in luck! Just up the road you will find Buckmore Park, a go kart track for all ages and abilities. Although Bridgewood Manor have charging points for their guests, Buckmore Park also have a Polar charge point that will accept a multitude of different chargers. Enjoy an exhilarating day out on the track, and come back to a relaxing spa day to finish the day off at Bridgewood Manor.

Hilton Hotel - Maidstone

Also based in Maidstone, the Hilton hotel is located minutes away from the town centre, access to the M20 is just a minute drive away, and it is perfect for a long weekend away or a holiday with the children. The Hilton hotel is around a 25 minute drive from EVision’s head office in Kent, and it is a perfect place to visit the majority of Kent’s local attractions. Although the hotel doesn't have direct access to a charge point, the Tesla Supercharger charge points back onto the hotel, so you can also drop in to the local Costa, and charge your electric car before a great day out in Kent.

With most accommodation providers having access to charge points now, it will enable you to be able to make the most out of your road trips around Kent, and not worry about range anxiety and trying to find charge points.Hilton, Bridgewood Manor and Holiday Inn hotels



Now you’ve planned your accommodation in Kent, it’s time to plan your days out to local places and attractions,Diggerland - Kent that you want to visit in your hired electric cars. One of the most popular days out is a trip to Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks, this always goes down well with the children! Diggerland have four parks around the UK located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, that are perfect for children aged 4 - 14, as well as adults that love to get to grips with the construction machinery.

All electric cars hired from EVision Electric Car Hire can benefit from free charging at our partner company, Diggerland, as well as have an amazing family day out at the same time. We can also provide you with a discount voucher to get your holiday started the right way! When you arrive, you will need to show your hire confirmation to prove you are an EVision customer, and you will be entitled to free charging. Make the most of the 20 different rides and drives, and we will ensure your children will leave wanting to go back again!

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is a great attraction for anyone visiting Kent. If you choose any of the hotels mentioned above,Leeds Castle - Kent then you won’t want to miss out on the 500 acres of beautiful parkland and gardens. Leeds Castle is a great day out for the children, with plenty of things to see and do including a maze, grotto and free flying falconry displays.

If you fancy something a bit more adventurous and exhilarating, to ensure you wear the children out, Go Ape can also be located at Leeds Castle. Go Ape Tree Top Junior, is a jam-packed hour of wobbly bridges, intricate crossings and an awesome zip wire finale suitable for children aged 6-15.

Make the most of your car hire in Kent, and visit Leeds Castle!


If you’ve hired an electric car from EVision, you may need one day of your holidays to chill out, so we will happily recommend some retail therapy, and strongly advise you to visit some great shopping centres in Kent.

Bluewater Shopping Centre - Dartford

Bluewater Shopping Centre is located in Dartford, and is a 20 minute drive from EVision Electric Car Hire. Experience and explore the two storey shopping mall with over 300 shops, 50 restaurants and cafes, and make the most of the ample amount of free parking. With over 13,000 car parking spaces it is definitely a popular attraction for shoppers. The shopping centre has a Tesla Supercharger point consisting of five charging cables, as well as four Pod Point charging stations located on the other side of the shopping centre, equipped with eight Type 2 chargers.

Ashford Designer Outlet

If you really want to test out the range of our electric cars, then venture out further a field to Ashford Designer Outlet. It is located just under an hours drive away, but you’ll enjoy a variety of designer brands, as well as your high street favourite stores, plus tons of cafes and restaurants to visit with the family. The shopping destination also has one Tesla charger, with various charge points dotted around the area, on the way back.


So you’ve enjoyed some great days out, and experienced what Kent has to offer with our electric cars, so why not end your break the right way with a meal out for the two of you or the whole family!

The Black Horse Inn - Thurnham

This beautiful bed and breakfast can be found tucked away in the Kentish countryside of Thurnham, which is perfect for a quiet meal out. The restaurant at The Black Horse Inn, is famous for providing an excellent range of fresh, local dishes.

On top of serving up brilliant food, the venue have Alfa Power charging points on site, with two Type 2 chargers if you need to top up on the way back to your accommodation. 

Poppyfields - Maidstone

Poppyfields is an easy to access restaurant, that can be found just off of the M20, and within close proximity to the hotels listed above. It is part of the Marstons chain, and is a great place to pick for eating out with the family. With a spacious beer garden and stylish terraced area, you will definitely enjoy a relaxed meal out on your break in Kent.

The car park has two Engenie charge points installed for the public, fitted with CCS, CHAdeMO, and Type 2 chargers. Instead of needing an account set up for specific charge point providers, Engenie allow users to pay with contactless credit or debit cards, as well as ApplePay, which is perfect for our customers that have hired electric cars. Engenie hired out a selection of our cars to drive around Kent back in April. They were used to test out their charge points, and Poppyfields was one of the locations they went to, so we definitely know they are available and working!

If you are confused by the different charger types, be sure to read up on our blog post, where we can tell you everything you need to know before you hire a car from us.

About EVision Electric Car Hire

At EVision, we have four collection points around the UK, based in Devon, Durham, Yorkshire and our head office in Kent, so if you’re looking for car hire in Kent, EVision is the place to visit. We have a range of electric cars to suit everyones needs, even if it’s a one day hire or a long weekend we have you covered. 

We have the following electric cars available:

Tesla Model S, X & 3Tesla and Jaguar cars

Arrive in style anywhere in Kent when you hire any of our Tesla Model S & X’s, additionally our newest arrival, the Tesla Model 3. Enjoy cruising around and exploring the hidden gems of Kent, as well as the gorgeous interior of these fantastic, luxury electric cars. Prices start from £65.00 per day, excluding VAT, for a Tesla Model S 85.

Renault ZOE

The Renault ZOE is perfect for travelling to places in a close vicinity of Kent. With a range of approximately 186 miles, it is great for urban and city driving. The Renault ZOE can be charged up with a Type 2 charger, so you won’t have any issues finding a close charge point with the appropriate charger. 

BMW i3

Here at EVision Electric Car Hire, we have three types of BMWs available for hire. Choose from the BMWi3 94Ah, the new 2019 120Ah, or the BMW i3 Range Extender. The BMW i3 is a stylish, spacious car that is also great for both town and motorway driving. Range varies from 130 - 200 miles, depending on your chosen model, which is great to get you around anywhere in Kent.

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace joined the EV fleet back in November 2018, and is still a massive hit for our customers, with a range of approximately 292 miles we can see why! Get the most out of this amazing four wheel drive, before you even have to think about charging the car back up. We have black and white models available for car hire in Kent, so get yours today!

Audi e-tron 

Apart from the Tesla Model 3, the Audi e-tron is the newest arrival to our fleet at EVision. Prices start from £155.00 per day excluding VAT, enjoy the luxurious features that Audi’s first electric car has to offer. Make the most of the various driving modes and generous boot space, and take the car out on your road trip around Kent.

Kia e-Niro 

Another new arrival to the EVision fleet this year is the Kia e-Niro. The Kia can be charged up using a Type 2 Kia e-Nirocharger, standard 3 pin charger or a CCS charger that will give you a full battery from empty in just two hours. Choose from any of the locations recommended above, and you can leave the car on charge whilst you’re out enjoying Kent, and come back to a fully charged car ready for another exciting adventure. Prices for the Kia e-Niro start from £65.00 per day excluding VAT.

If you’re out and about make sure you download the ZapMap app, and use it to plan your routes, find your closest charge points, what chargers are available and if any are down for maintenance.

Experience the summer holidays in the right way, and arrive in style wherever you go. Give us a call on 01634 914063 and get your EV booked in today when you visit Kent.