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About EVision Electric Vehicle Hire

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire is the UK’s first and largest pure electric vehicle rental company with a fleet of over 200 electric vehicles and growing fast. EVision can provide electric cars to any location in the UK and we have an extensive fleet of Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, BMW i3 and Renault Zoes with various specifications. We are also able to offer self drive London PCO-licensed vehicles if this is a requirement. All of our cars are re-charged at our 4 UK locations by 100% renewable energy from our own solar panels, meaning we offer true zero emission motoring.

History of EVision

Launched in 2014 as a division within H. E. Group Ltd, EVision Electric Vehicle Hire is the latest venture of Group Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu to reflect his resolute commitment to contributing whatever he can to help protect and preserve the environment. With bio-mass boilers, extensive photovoltaic (solar) panel installations and free EV charging points at Diggerland's Adventure Parks, founding a national car hire company supplying exclusively all-electric vehicles was for Hugh a natural next step in the evolution of H. E. Group. When it came to determining which all-electric car it had to be, there really was only ever one true contender - Tesla.

When the business started, it was the UK's first and only executive Self-Drive and Chauffeured Limousine hire service to operate a nationwide fleet that exclusively comprised the highly acclaimed and multiple industry-award winning, state-of-the-art Tesla Model-S and Model X.

Turning yesterday's science-fiction into today's science-fact, the range of sumptuous, stylish and state-of-the-art Tesla Model-S, Pure-EV supercars has irrevocably brought the automotive future to the early twenty-first century. Sensational acceleration and effortless cruising in combination with an ultra-low centre of gravity, superb electronic stability and traction control all collaborate to make driving the Tesla Model-S one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences there is, and all without any exhaust emissions. As if all this is not enough, all Tesla supercars come with sophisticated, onboard touchscreen computers to facilitate systems monitoring and management and, additionally, some cars have 'autopilot' with features that include traffic-aware cruise control, automatic lane centring, emergency braking, and self-parking.

Wanting to stay relevant in forever-changing hire market, in early 2018, due to customer demand to provide an affordable alternative to Teslas, EVision Supercars rebranded as EVision Electric Car Hire. The Renault ZOE and BMW i3 were added to the fleet, propelling EVision to becoming a real master in the industry with over 180 electric vehicles available, meaning better vehicle specifications and choice for clients.

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire offer Self-Drive Hire, Prestige and Bespoke Chauffeur services, a selection of Pure-EV Experiences ranging from one hour's duration to a long weekend, and air&/or sea ports' drop-off, pick-up and transfer services, EVision Electric Car Hire is already shaping the future of electric car hire in Europe.