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Are you a vlogger interested in electric cars?
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Calling all Vloggers!

Are you a vlogger with a keen interest in electric vehicles, or you simply enjoy the finer luxuries in life?
EVision Electric Vehicle Hire now offer an exclusive partnership with vloggers. Vloggers must pay for their hire initially including insurance, excess and deposit. On the terms that when publishing their content to their YouTube channel, EVision is portrayed in a positive light.
If the vlog promoting EVision gets over 50,000 views within 28 days, the hire will be fully refunded by EVision.

Get in touch with us today at: marketing@evrent.co.uk and send us a link to your Youtube Channel.

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EVision discretion applies:

  • In the case of successful completion that the vlogger gains over 50,000+ views within 28 days, the hire and deposit cost will both be refunded. This is providing that the vehicle has obtained no damage during the hire duration.
  • In the unfortunate event that the vehicle has obtained damage during the vloggers hire duration but the content video has gained 50,000+ views, only the hire fee will be refunded. The deposit will not be refunded and will be kept by EVision for the damage that has occurred to the vehicle.
  • If the vlogger promotes EVision in a positive way but does not get the minimum number of views required within the 28 day window, EVision will not reimburse the cost of the hire. The deposit will be fully refunded provided that there is no damage to the vehicle.
  • In the event that the content receives more than 50,000+ views post 28 days, no refunds will be given.
  • If the video and content produced promotes EVision is a negative way but still gains 50,000+ views, we will not refund the hire under any circumstances.
  • This agreement applies to both self drive rentals and chauffeur bookings made directly via EVison. Standard hire terms and conditions apply.

Airport Transfer Pricing:

From Medway / Maidstone to Gatwick = £78.00 incusive of VAT

From Medway / Maidstone to Heathrow = £108.00 inclusive of VAT

From Medway / Maidstone to London City Airport = £73.00 inclusive of VAT

From Medway / Maidstone to London Stanstead = £102.00 inclusive of VAT

From Medway / Maidstone to London Luton = £118.00 inclusive of VAT