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Putting the X into exciting with a Tesla

Posted on May 24, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision

When I was told ‘I think we need a blog post about the Tesla Model X’ I must admit that I gave a little internal yelp with excitement. Although I have driven the Model S on several occasions, this would be the first time I had been let loose with the Model X.

Model X Leeds Castle

The first thing I did when given the key was to have a play with the falcon wing doors. I couldn’t help but think of the car from Back to the Future when I saw them open. Although, I can assure you that I would not be driving this wonderful car at 88 miles per hour (although it can reach a top speed of 130mph). There would be no time travelling for me that day.

Back to the Future is, perhaps, an apt reference for this car. The technology, as you would expect from a Tesla, is really cutting edge. Whether it is the fact that you can open and close the doors and the rear boot with the Tesla shaped ‘key’, or whether it is the incredibly impressive iPad style control panel that controls so much of the car’s internal features, you really feel that you are experiencing something from a time we have not yet arrived at.

The Model X, as with the Model S, is very comfortable to sit in. There is a complete range of seating controls that allow you to optimise your seat to the exactly how you need it, including a very comfortable lower back posture control. Once you have everything adjusted to how you want it you are ready to drive. I can hear some people saying ‘I think you’ll find you have to start the car first’. Well, actually I don’t. There is no keyhole or starting button in this car. Once you are sat in the driving seat the car knows you are there and is ready to get going (it’s that futuristic technology yet again). The car glided along the road absolutely beautifully and not forgetting to mention, silently. You do need to get used to the regenerative braking of the Tesla cars, something that puts power back into the battery and gives the car extra range (more clever tech), but you do get used to it very quickly. I took the car for a drive through Rochester in Kent, never quite getting used to the admiring glances I received along the way. The immediate application or torque that you get with an electric car was at my feet, enabling me to accelerate to change lanes with great ease. The gentle ride was a wonderful stress reliever. The Tesla Model X was a pleasure to drive and I hope to drive the Model X again soon.

To hire a Tesla Model X, visit our self-drive hire page: https://www.evrent.co.uk/tesla_x_home.html You too will be saying “Great Scott!” when you get behind the wheel of this incredible vehicle.


Tesla Model S 75D steals the show - RedDoor Homes

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 12:00PM - Author - David McKnight - EVision

On Friday the 4th of May I took part in a promotional video shoot for EVision Electric Car Hire, which was shot by Red Door Homes. The filming was not only great fun it also gave me the chance to go out in a sumptuous Tesla Model S 75D.

Sometimes the little things in life really matter. This was particularly true for me that day. With the sun beating down in full force, the first thing I did when I got in the car was turn the temperature of the climate control down… way down. The glorious cold air that came forth was not only a welcome respite but was also quite surprising. I couldn’t believe how quickly it took for the full effect of the cold air to kick in. No waiting for an initial warm blast to get down to the optimal level.

I showed the film crew inside and outside the car, including the very generous space in both boots (there’s another boot in the front where you would normally find an engine. Clever, eh!). The film crew was very impressed that the ‘key’ was in the shape of a Tesla car, and with the way the car’s handles glide out from their hiding place in the doors (it’s those little things again). There were appreciative murmurs as I showed my guests the control panel and dashboard, impressing upon them the fact that there are only 2 buttons of note on the whole dashboard (glove box and hazard warning lights in case you wondered).

I knew that I couldn’t keep them waiting any longer. It was time to take the show on the road… quite literally. Although I have driven a Tesla Model S before, the power of the acceleration still takes my breath away. It is even more impressive the first time you feel it, as was obvious from the large intake of air from my passengers and the exclamation of ‘amazing!’ as we glided down the road. The Model S is a joy to drive and is even a thrill from the passenger seat. There aren’t too many cars whereby you could say the same.

After our short drive and filming was over, the film crew thanked me for a great morning. I could tell by the expression on their faces that it was an experience they would not forget in a hurry. I could say the same thing.

If you fancy experiencing a Tesla Model S, EVision Electric Car Hire have a range of models on fleet.
Hire a Tesla Model S from EVision Electric Car Hire from only £75 per day.


Five ways to save with Electric Vehicles

Posted on April 27, 2018 at 12:00PM - by EVision


All the vehicles in the EVision fleet are 100% electric and therefore don’t create any harmful emissions. A recent study carried out by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has shown the real impact on health that is a direct cause of diesel emissions from cars. It is estimated that over 5,000 deaths are caused each year in Europe by emissions, with that total being closer to 10,000 when including vans, lorries and other diesel vehicles. Alarmingly, the UK is third on the list of EU countries for producing the highest amount harmful emissions. Experts claim that around 7,500 lives could be saved each year if people switched to using electric vehicles instead of vehicles that run on conventional fuels.

Many people are aware that electric vehicles are cheaper to charge than the cost of filling up a petrol or diesel vehicle. However, it will come as a surprise to many to find out just how much cheaper it actually is. The cost of electricity to charge an EVision BMW i3, for example, is £7.40 for 200 miles of charging. The cost of fuel for a BMW 1 series, the closest comparable car in BMW’s conventional fuel range, would cost £26.20 for 200 miles worth of fuel. Choosing the BMW i3 over the BMW 1 series would save you £940 for every 10,000 miles travelled. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular for people commuting to or travelling around London. The train and tube stations are often extremely crowded at peak times, and cancellation of services is a common occurrence which makes travelling by car a more convenient option. The further advantage that an electric car will have over a car running on conventional fuels is that there is no Congestion Charge or T-Charge to pay for electric vehicles. Both of these charges are based on the emissions of the vehicle. As electric vehicles produce no emissions they are exempt from having to pay.

By far the biggest concern that people have about electric vehicles is how far they can travel on a single charge, something which is known as ‘Range Anxiety’. Having spoken to people about electric cars myself, I have found that the general understanding of the range in electric cars is very outdated. Battery technology has come on leaps and bounds in a very short space of time with more and more experts working on improving battery technology even further. An EVision Tesla Model S P100D, for example, has a real world range of over 300 miles. A Tesla group in Italy has even managed to get 670 miles on a single charge in a Tesla Model S P100D. As battery technology continues to develop, a range of 600 miles and further will start to become standard, and the pace of development leads me to believe that we will not have to wait too long before this happens.

The number of electric vehicles on the road is growing at a lightning pace. In order to provide a reliable on-road charging network it has been necessary for the charging infrastructure to grow as well. The number of charge points in the UK has more than doubled in the last four years and there are many more charging stations being built. As well as private companies expanding their network of charging stations, the National Grid are also working with a third party in order to massively expand the number of charge points throughout the UK Highways system. In contrast, the number of petrol and diesel fueling stations is decreasing as more and more people move away from conventional fuels. There has been a decline of 75% in the number of fueling stations in the last 40 years, a pattern that is likely to continue as we move towards a total ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles by the year 2040.


EVision Electric Car Hire Add Renault Zoes to Their Growing Fleet

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 12:00PM - by EVision

EVision Electric Car Hire are a company keen to promote the benefits of green driving. Wanting to stay relevant in the forever-changing hire market, EVision is happy to announce it is adding 10 more cars to its fleet. EVision now has the ability to hire out 10 Renault Zoes taking the fleet to a respectable 130 vehicles. The Renault Zoes will now join the brand new Tesla Model S and X Models, as well as the recently added BMW i3s, all of which come with unlimited mileage and free ‘fuel’.

Renault Zoe on Car Transporter

The Renault Zoe was voted ‘Electric Car of the Year’ at the inaugural Company Car Today Awards for 2018. Ultra low running costs and an impressive range of up to 250 miles (NEDC) helped sway this decision.
The Renault Zoe looks and feels just like any other car, it is stylish both inside and out, has a gear leaver and handbrake, clutch and accelerator. One thing missing with some electric vehicles is the absence of sound. There is no accompanying engine roar with an electric vehicle; therefore the car cannot be heard by people or animals. Renault however has installed a device as a safety measure, so that the car makes a murmur when switched on, however for those preferring a completely silent drive, this featured can be disabled.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is perfect for those living an urban lifestyle. With no London congestion charge or T-charge to pay, by switching to an electric vehicle drivers could save themselves on average £6,500 annually.
London commuters could save further by hiring a Renault Zoe from EVision Electric Car Hire, based in Strood, Kent, from only £25.00 a day for the driver and up to four other passengers, compared to double this price for a single passenger train journey.
When needing to charge, the Zap-Map app will state the nearest charge point locations.
There are no tail pipe emissions with the Renault Zoe and ultra-low running costs, therefore providing electric vehicle drivers with a thoroughly economical drive.

Renault Zoe

EVision Electric Car Hire, based in Strood, Kent is the UK’s first and largest pure electric vehicle rental company, offering customers both short term and long term car rental solutions, for both business and personal use.
At EVision customers can sample and savour what it is like to drive a sensational and superb, state of the art pure EV and discover how an electric vehicle does not need to compromise on creature comforts or safety, nor belch atmospheric pollution.
Renting customers only electric cars, EVision offer a modern take on the traditional car hire service; one that has seen EVision grow and grow over the past four years.
If you are interested in hiring a Renault Zoe on a short or long term basis, rates states from as little as £25 per day. Contact EVision Electric Car Hire who will be more than happy to assist. Click here to visit the Renault Zoe electric car hire page


More and more people are switching to electric vehicles!

Posted on February 22, 2018 at 12:00PM - by EVision

New registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 135,000 by the end of January 2018. As environmental awareness grows, owning a fully electric car is becoming an increasingly acceptable prospect for the average driver.

BMW i3

In 2017 the value of ethical spending grew by 3.2% to £81.3 billion.

An eco-friendly product such as a plug-in electric car will save you money in the short and long term. Take the new BMW i3 for example, to buy from new this car will cost you in the region of £25,000. While this may seem expensive when compared to a small petrol hatchback, it is a different story when the savings are taken into consideration:
In the long term this car will not cost a penny in diesel or petrol and charging a BMW i3 at home from empty to full costs around £4.36, this equates to only 3.9p per mile. A similar sized petrol model will cost approximately double this at 8p per mile.

In addition the government are extremely keen to promote the use of electric vehicles, even doing away with the London congestion charge. To put this into perspective if you drive around London on a daily basis and go into the congestion zone, you will save a massive £9125 annually! Electric cars also require little in the way of servicing and do not have expensive exhaust systems, starter motors or fuel injection systems.

Before purchasing an electric vehicle many drivers opt to 'try before they buy' in order to work out whether the car is suitable to meet their life-style requirements. BMW i3s can be hired from EVision Electric Car Hire from as little as £29.00 a day.
Electric Car Hire is becoming popular especially for commuters and businesses. Businesses can hire an electric car for its employees at a very competitive price from EVision Electric Car Hire, who have anything from the Renault Zoe, to the Tesla Model X SUV available for short and long term hires.

Healthier Lifestyle

Driving an electric vehicle reduces harmful air pollution, so for those who are interested in making the world a better place and protecting the environment, this is most definitely the best way forward with regards to transport. At EVision Electric Car Hire, all of the electric vehicles are charged through the use of our own solar panels reducing greenhouse gas emissions even further.

A lot of electric vehicles are also being made using recycled materials. For example with the BMW i3, 25% of the plastics used in the interior and the thermoplastics in the exterior have been derived from recycled material or renewable raw materials. The reduction of harmful exhaust emissions is also great news for public health. The more electric vehicles on the roads, the better the air quality, which will in turn lead to less health problems. Noise pollution is non-existent when it comes to electric vehicles, as there is no engine meaning a quieter environment.

So why not try before you buy?

Hire an Electric Vehicle from EVision Electric Car Hire

The EVision fleet encompasses 110 all electric vehicles meaning more choice for the client, better vehicle specifications and competitive pricing.


About to get a new company car? Have you considered an EV and the savings?

Posted on January 31, 2018 at 12:00PM - by EVision

Recently the UK Government announced that it will spend more than £600million on EVs. This includes £38million to be spent on public charging points. So how will this affect you?

Well the first thing you should know about electric vehicles is that the costs associated with EVs are considerably different to that of a petrol or diesel car. Typically speaking, the upfront costs are higher for electric vehicles but the running costs are considerably cheaper in many areas such as fuel, maintenance and car tax.

To give you an example of this, for an annual mileage of 10,000 miles an electric vehicle could save you up to £800 a year in refuelling costs alone. It should also be noted that if you were to hire a Tesla from EVision there would be no refuelling costs as our Teslas are free to charge at any Tesla Supercharger.

Charging an Electric Vehicle

We are in the early stages of an electric revolution in the UK transport sector, and connectivity is at its heart.
Millions of homes in the UK do not have off-street parking, so this funding is important to help local councils ensure that all their residents can take advantage of this revolution.

Transport Minister, Jesse Norman

Here are three simple points as to why an electric vehicle may be beneficial to you:

  • Electric vehicles save around £100 per 1,000 miles driven when compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle.
  • Electric fleet cars have no fuel duty payable on electricity and the Benefit in Kind for a Tesla is just 9%.
  • Electric vehicles are exempt from congestion fees in London which could save drivers up to £25 a day.

If you are going to do a lot miles driving this year, renting an electric car may be an attractive option. This is because hiring a car removes the high upfront costs, removes the uncertainty of resale value and maintenance costs.

If you would like to learn more about electric vehicles send us an email with your question to mail@evrent.co.uk

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