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The X You Will Want To Keep Seeing

Posted on 2 April 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

The Forgotten Model

Bike And Bag In Model X Trunk

The Tesla Model X has been out of the limelight in recent months, and this is absolutely no surprise. The Tesla Model 3 has been in the EV news for such a long time now, whether it is through positive stories on how magnificent the car is, or through the negative press on the issues Tesla and Elon Musk have had in the mass production of such a popular car. And then, in the last few weeks, the focus has shifted to the brand new Model Y that has just been unveiled in California. With both cars being compared to each other and to the Model S, where does this leave the Model X?

An X-Tremely Unique Place on The Fleet

The Tesla Model X has perhaps been unfairly forgotten. The performance of the Model X cars on the EVision fleet are absolutely exceptional, and they are certainly more than a match for many other Tesla cars in the range. But there is one thing that the Tesla Model X has that puts it head and shoulders above the rest, and that is space. When it comes to storage space there is an impressive 88.1 cubic feet of storage capacity in total. This comprises of 2,180 litres of storage capacity in the rear boot (trunk) and a not-too-shabby 187 litres of capacity in the front boot (froot/frunk… you get the drift). This is considerably more than you get in the Tesla Model S (which is extremely spacious in its own right), and is due not only to the greater height but also to the larger wheelbase, measuring 5m long by 2.3m wide.

So, What Does That Mean Then?

Airbed In Model X Trunk

OK, I will be the first to admit that when someone gives me a lot of numbers in relation to the size of something, it can be hard to visualise. So, how about I convert these figures into layman (fun) terms. Let’s imagine that we have just picked up a Tesla Model X from EVision Electric Car Hire and we are now looking at going for a fun camping trip with the family (including the dog… never forget the dog!). We don’t want to pack up a load of camping gear. Just the essentials, including the bikes, beds and food (and dog toys). How practical will the Tesla Model X be in this scenario? Well, much more than you may imagine.

Bikes: The rear trunk has more than enough room for a family of bikes to fit in. And once you have the bikes in the car, there is also plenty of room for the family picnic basket and the lycra cycling outfit (for those who REALLY take their cycling seriously). So you can enjoy nature at your leisure without causing any harm to the environment with your car.

Bedtime: So we’ve got room for the bikes and the picnic. What about the bulky tents? Well, you don’t need them. As many people have discovered, the rear of the Tesla Model X is large enough to fit a mattress in it (and there are custom airbeds available for cars… seriously). The Tesla Model X is an all-in-one camping phenomenon!

Entertaining the Youngest: Little children are often hard to entertain (particularly when you try and bring them back to nature), so how can the Tesla help you out? Well, as I have discovered, some parents/geniuses have turned their Tesla Model X frunk into a ball-pool. The frunk of the Tesla Model X is certainly big enough for this usage, so why not!Ball Pit In Frunk

Entertaining Fido: It’s not just the human babies that like to be spoilt. What about the puppy in the family (and by ‘puppy’ I do mean dogs of any age. I, for one, have a 4-year-old puppy!). Well, there is a particular phenomenon that has been sweeping the internet (and everyone here at EVision loves it) whereby dog owners put their puppies into the frunk and then posts photos of it (seriously, it’s a thing). Whether you just want to keep the puppy out of the way, or whether you want to provide somewhere comfortable for your puppy to relax and maybe have a doggy nap, the frunk is absolutely perfect. The dogs are also very happy to spend time in this roomy ‘playpen’. Not convinced? Check out the FrunkPuppy hashtag on social media and you will see a swathe of happy frunk puppies.

Back to Reality

Terrier In Tesla Frunk

The above is just a fun scenario to show what possibilities exist. Although, a puppy ball-pool party in the wilderness is most likely not one of your immediate plans. The trunk and frunk offer practical assistance in many areas of family life. Whether it is shopping for bulky items, room for extra shopping in the front, the big Christmas shop or whether you need to fit several suitcases into the car for the annual family holiday, the Model X has an abundance of space for all of your needs.

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