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Completing the S3XY lineup

Posted on 27 March 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

The Big Surprise… Or Was It

After much mystery and build up over the last few weeks, Tesla had a surprise unveiling of their latest car, the Model Y (it was perhaps the worst kept secret in the history of electric cars. We all knew it was going to be the Model Y. This fact, however, didn’t make the unveiling any less exciting). The timing of the unveiling was interesting in itself, coming while the Geneva Motor Show was still in full swing (and where a lot of Tesla’s competition was unveiling new electric cars). Whether this timing was intentional or not we will never know, unless Mr Musk decides to tell us.

Want To Know More? Y Not

Elon Musk Standing On Stage With  Blue Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y looks really beautiful at first viewing. But as Derek Zoolander says, “There must be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking”. So what else do we know about the new Tesla? Well, thanks to Mr Musk himself, we actually know a lot already. Tesla released a huge amount of performance information on the Model Y, as well as a very generous 30 minute video of the launch event of the new addition to the Tesla range.

Y oh Y oh Y oh Y

In case you haven’t got my (not) very subtle hint with the sub-heading, there will actually be 4 different editions of the Model Y gracing the Tesla inventory. The first 3 will be released in late 2020 with the fourth coming out in spring of 2021. As with the Model 3, the final edition to the line-up will be the most affordable in the range. Below I will explore each edition, highlighting just how different the specs are on each model.

Tesla Model Y Performance

The first up is the Performance edition of the Model Y. This will be the most expensive in the range at $60,000 (+/- £45,500). And for this money you will receive an impressive 280 miles of range (but not the best of the 4 editions), a top speed of 150mph and a 0-60mph performance of 3.5 seconds. These are all very impressive statistics for the small SUV. There isn’t a great deal of difference in performance between the Model Y Performance and the Model X P100D, yet the Model Y Performance edition will cost half the price.

Challenged to a Duel… Well, Dual.

The next up is the Dual Motor AWD. At $51,000 (+/- £38,500) will this edition rise to the challenge? Absolutely it will. Again, this edition will give you a fantastic 280 miles of pure electric driving range. It is a little slower than the Performance edition, clocking 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds and reaching a top speed of 135mph. However, all-in-all, this on its own is an impressive list of statistics. It is outperforming a majority of the Model S range, and at a fraction of the price. Even though the AWD is not as outstanding as the Performance edition, it is still unquestionably outstanding.

Go Long!

The third edition of the Tesla Model Y collection to take centre stage is the Long Range edition. Coming in at $47,000 (+/- £35,500) this car has quite an exceptional performance. Providing a whopping 300 miles of range, this edition will travel even further than the Performance edition. And that’s despite being $13,000 cheaper. Even though the speed is not at the same level as the Performance edition, it is certainly not to be sneered at. The top speed of the Tesla Model Y Long Range is a respectable 130mph, achieving 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds.

Setting the Standard

Model Y Interior

The last of the team to step up to the plate is the Tesla Model Y Standard Range edition. At $39,000 (+/- £29,500) this is the least expensive car in the Model Y range. And if you want to see this version, you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer. The Standard Range edition will not be gracing the streets until early 2021. Performance-wise, the Standard Range car is still holding its own against most other EVs on the market. You will have 230 miles of range at your disposal, which is still pretty amazing, even if it doesn’t quite match the 280/300 mile ranges of the other editions in the family. When it comes to speed, this edition will be able to achieve 120mph. This is only 10mph less than the Long Range edition of the Tesla Model Y and is still far faster than you will ever practically need on a European road (unless you are actually trying to outrun the police. In which case, please stop). The acceleration is still very impressive, getting you from 0-60mph in a trifling 5.9 seconds. This is only 0.4 seconds off the Long Range Tesla Model Y. Not too shabby at all.

Let’s Be Superficial for a Bit

OK, let’s talk about looks. Something I have heard many times already is that the Model Y looks like the Model 3 but with a bigger roof. Is this a fair assessment? Well, in part it is and for good reason. The Tesla Model Y is built from the Model 3 base (which will help cure many of the production headaches Elon Musk had from the Model 3 production). There are certainly many similarities between the Model Y and the Model 3. The nose of the Model Y bares a likeness to the Model 3 brother. Tesla has also retained the same handle style as on the Model 3. This is something that had consistently changed from the Model S to the Model X and then the Model 3. The interior control panel also harks back to the Model 3. The display panel retains the same horizontal profile as the Model Y’s predecessor.

When will EVision be adding the Model Y to the Fleet?

Model 3 VS Model Y

It is very early days in the Model Y life for the moment. Orders for the new Tesla cars are due to start being taken later this year, with the Model Y expected by many to be the most popular car in the Tesla range, even more so than the Model 3. EVision haven’t made any firm decisions to add the Model Y just yet. However, we do always listen to what our customers say. If demand for the Tesla Model Y is there, then you can be certain that we will be including this fantastic vehicle on our inventory.

Not the Next Tesla Being Released

White Model 3

The Model Y has been grabbing all the headlines, taking the mantle from the Model 3. However, it isn’t going to be the next Tesla released. Oh no. That honour falls to the Tesla Roadster (the second generation of Tesla Roadster). The stats of the new Roadster are unbelievable. A 620 mile range, top speed of 250+mph and a 0-60mph acceleration of just 1.9 seconds. The Roadster is just taking electric cars to another planet (not forgetting that the original Tesla Roadster actually went into space). So why has so little been made of the Roadster? Well, there are reasons. 150,000 of them to be precise. Tesla set the standard with the Model S and had pretty much cornered the luxury EV car range. But now people are looking for affordability. They want to know more about what can actually be bought and driven. Gone are the days where electric cars are the show-stopping niche idea. Make an affordable electric car with a good range that isn’t displeasing to look at, and you will have far more interest than any supercar. This is something Tesla are aware of, and it’s something they are continuing to capitalise on.