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Chauffeur, So Good

Posted on 29 March 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

Chauffeur, So Good

One of the services that EVision Electric Car Hire prides itself on is the professional chauffeur service. EVision offers chauffeuring for a wide range of clients and occasions, including airport transfers and wedding events. Our chauffeurs are all very busy chaps. However, I was lucky enough to catch up with our executive chauffeur in Kent, Tony, to get a bit of an insight into the job as an EVision electric car chauffeur. This is what he had to say:

Grilling the Driver

Tesla Chauffeur Holding Door For Lady

David: Tony, thank you for taking a bit of time out this morning to tell us a bit more about your work. I know you are always very busy either working as a chauffeur in Kent or making sure the car is absolutely pristine before you head out on a chauffeuring assignment. Tony: It’s a pleasure. I’m not used to being the centre of attention.

David: I know you’ve been working as a driver for a very long time. How long have you been a chauffeur for EVision Electric Car Hire? Tony: I’ve been with EVision since near the beginning. I can tell you when I did my first chauffeuring job for EVision as I have a picture of my first chauffeur Tesla on my phone. (Tony looks up picture). My very first chauffeur job for EVision was on the 15th of March 2015. It doesn’t seem like 4 years has passed already!

David: Where would you say is the furthest you have been on a chauffeur job? Tony: I know some drivers have gone further out. But my longest job was for a client from Europe who needed to be picked up at Dover and then taken to Southampton ready to sail to the US. We had to stop off halfway so the client could refresh. I used this time to add a little extra charge to the Tesla.

David: Do you get any requests from clients that go beyond your usual chauffeur duties? If so, what are they? Tony: I’m afraid my answer is a little boring. I really don’t get any unusual requests from my customers. I do look out for the little details though. For example, if a business passenger is going on a long-haul flight, I will offer them small bottles of water and bits like that. I will also take care of the tiny details when I have a wedding event.

Tesla Chauffeur Park

David: Your chauffeuring is required for quite a range of clients. How would your job differ, say, from being a chauffeur in London for a business client to a wedding client? Tony: There are no great differences between my clients. When I have a business client I will be in closer communication with them. Sometimes they may leave a meeting and need to be at another location straight afterwards. If I am doing an airport collection I will keep a close eye on the flights so I can be there before the client is if the flight is early. Weddings are pre-planned and much more precise. However, I do get more ad-hoc requests at weddings. i.e. please can you take Uncle Frank to the Hilton Hotel, for example, before coming back for the bride. With weddings in particular, I am there to be invisible. It’s the Bride and Grooms big day and I’m there to help make it easy and memorable (for all the right reasons).

David: You drive a Tesla company car on your chauffeur jobs. Do you get a lot of interest/questions about the company cars you’re driving? Tony: I do get a lot of questions, yes. I have quite a few clients who are Tesla drivers themselves. They like to know about the performance of the car they are in, and they compare it to the model that they own themselves. We also get a lot of environmentally friendly, eco customers who are fascinated by the electric car technology and want to know more. I’m always happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more about the vehicles. Some clients, however, like to enjoy the silence of the Tesla. I’ve had business clients actually meditating in the back of the Tesla on the way to the airport for a flight to their next meeting. The Teslas are the perfect cars for calming your mind in-between busy periods of the work day.

White Wedding Tesla

David: Do you have anything different to take into consideration due to the fact you drive an electric car, compared to what you have if you drove a petrol or diesel vehicle? Tony: The only different thing I would have to take into consideration is the range. I need to make sure I have enough range in the car I am driving to carry out the job I am on. Because of the performance of the Teslas, I am very light on the accelerator and the brake. Not only does this ensure the customer has a smooth ride, it also extends the range on the car.

David: What different types of chauffeuring do you do, and does the popularity of each service change depending on the time of year? Tony: I do a variety of chauffeuring jobs. Weddings, airport transfers, shuttling business people and chauffeuring to events are all occasions I work with. I find that with airport transfers, particularly for holiday makers, they are much more popular during the summer months, obviously. Weddings take place all-year-round. We are just as popular with couples getting married in the winter as we are with couples getting married in the summer.

David: Tony, you are based at our Head Office in Kent. Do you find that most of your customers come from Kent or do they come from further afield? Tony: It is mainly Kent and London my clients come from. We do get clients from other places but it isn’t that often. The further out that the job is, the more planning I will put into making sure the trip goes flawlessly.

David: I understand that you do a lot of luxury airport transfers in your job. Are any airports more common than any others? Tony: The luxury airport transfers are mostly Gatwick and Heathrow. However, I do also get jobs for the other London airports, such as London City, Stansted and Luton airports. Heathrow is a very good airport for me to go to as it has a Tesla supercharger right next to it. I always arrive at an airport with plenty of time to spare, so I can get some extra charge while I am there. Gatwick doesn’t have a supercharger station nearby at the moment. However, there is one that is going to be built close to Gatwick in Crawley. Gatwick does provide electric charging in the airport’s car park. However, these are really low powered ones and don’t add much charge at all. It’s very handy to have when going to greet a customer though. I’ve heard the Gatwick chargers are being upgraded to make them faster. Hopefully this won’t be too long.

Tesla Airport Chauffeur

David: Without naming names, have you ever chauffeured anyone famous? Tony: Apart from our own company Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu, who is fairly famous, I have chauffeured a very well known YouTube blogger. There have been several major company owners who you see on TV that I’ve driven for in the past. No Hollywood or Rock ‘n’ Roll stars though.

David: For a bit of fun, if you could choose any celebrity in the world to chauffeur who you haven’t chauffeured already, who would you choose and why? Tony: To be absolutely honest, there is no-one I can think of who I would prefer to have as a client than anyone else. I treat all of my customers to the best of my ability, making sure they are well looked after. It doesn’t make any difference to me what anyone does. Everyone gets the same high quality care and service.

David: Many thanks for your time, Tony. I will let you go now as I know you probably have a car to clean and buff up ready for your next chauffeuring job. Is there any chance you could clean my car as well while you’re at it? Tony: No.

A Final Word From Our Host… Me.

White Wedding Tesla Outside Hanger

Tony is just one of our excellent chauffeurs who takes great pride in his work. The planning that is put into each chauffer job is absolutely exceptional, and every client is treated to the same very high standards of customer service that he sets, no matter who that client is.

The perception of chauffeuring that still persists is not a true reflection of what the service is. Chauffeur services are not expensive or exclusively used by the rich and famous Many people from different walks of life use the service for many different reasons. The advantages of using an EVision chauffeur speak for themselves. Whether it is that assurance that we will not let you down, that we have taken every step to make sure that you have a stress-free journey, or whether you want to take advantage of being driven from one destination in a busy City to another without the hassle of worrying about having to park the car before your important appointment. Chauffeuring certainly has its place in the modern world and is here to stay.