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A Tesla-Quick Year So Far

Posted on 26 April 2019 - by EVision - The Latest EV News

It seems like only yesterday that we were all celebrating the New Year and looking forward to seeing what electric cars would be coming out in 2019. And here we are, already at the end of April. A third of the year has disappeared faster than a Tesla Model S P100D.

Before the year even started I was expecting 2019 to be a big year for electric cars (not as big as 2020 will be, but still much bigger than anything we have seen before). I was not disappointed at all. Here is a short review of just some of my highlights from 2019 so far, both from EVision Electric Car Hire and from the EV world in general.

A Jaunt through January

In the first month of 2019 it was all about what to expect in the electric vehicle market this year. The turkey and Christmas treats were all finished and we needed something a little different to whet our appetites, and boy was our EV hunger satiated! The Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC, the Mini electric, the 120Ah BMW i3, the Porsche Taycan, Kia e-Niro and the Volvo XC40 to name a few. It was clear from the very beginning that 2019 was going to be a momentous year in the electric vehicle world.

Around the globe it was seen that electric car popularity and EV technology was going from strength to strength. China continues to dominate the world of EV production, and at an incredible rate, and just when you think the Chinese surely can’t do any more, they prove us wrong. The Chinese market is strongly chasing the Tesla market, and they are doing it with style. It wasn’t just the Chinese who were releasing incredible sales and production figures. An announcement in early 2019 showed that January sales of EVs in France had increased by a whopping 138%. This figure is not too shabby by anyone’s standards.

Some exciting news broke all over social media and in the EV news in January. After many months of waiting, the Tesla Model 3 was finally spotted being loaded onto boats that were bound for Europe which was another step closer to the big European Model 3 rollout. These were very exciting times indeed.

A Fabulous February

The first major announcement of the year from EVision Electric Car Hire came in February.Blue Audi e-tron We let you know that you will be able to hire an Audi e-tron from us. Not only will EVision be obtaining the Audi e-tron, we will also be the first customer in the country to receive it! EVision are very excited about being able to offer this amazing premium vehicle to our customers. To find out more about the e-tron editions that will be joining the EVision fleet imminently, read our blog post.

Elon Musk and his Tesla brand never seem to be far away from the EV news limelight, or so it seems. However, there were not one but two big Tesla news stories that really caught our attention in February. The first one being that Tesla finally started rolling out the Model 3 across Europe. With countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany and France being amongst the first to benefit, it surely cannot be long before the right-hand drive version makes its way across the channel to us in the UK. And as usual, EVision Electric Car Hire is the tesla rental place you want to be. We will be one of the first in the country to receive the Tesla Model 3 and we can’t wait to finally see it.

The second big Tesla news that really got the blood pumping, was the fact that Tesla has started upgrading their supercharger network to include CCS cables. This has been done in anticipation of the Tesla Model 3 rollout. We know this as the Model 3 is the only car in the Tesla range that is capable of using a CCS charge point at present (although there are rumours abound that the Model S & X cars will/can be retrofitted at some point to make them CCS compatible). Surely this means that the Model 3 is around the corner!

A Marvellous March

As far as electric cars are concerned, March truly sprang into action. This was a month just crammed full of non-stop electric car news.

Tesla made yet another ground-breaking announcement in March, informing the public that they will be rolling out the 3rd generation of superchargers. Built with a 1MW cable, the new v3 chargers will be able to provide 250KWh of charge per car. This means a 50% drop in the already impressive waiting times at the Tesla supercharger points.

Jaguar I-Pace AwardGeneva in Switzerland then took centre stage this month, and on the eve of the famous Geneva Motor Show the Jaguar I-Pace was crowned the European Car of the Year, beating an impressive list of competition from petrol and diesel makes and models. This was the first time in the history of the competition that Jaguar has won the top prize, an honour that was well deserved.

Next came the Motor Show itself, and it was electric cars that absolutely stole the show. A huge number of major car manufacturers decided to unveil their new electric masterpieces, including Honda, PoleStar (the electric sub-division of Volvo) and Peugeot to name just a few. Electric cars weren’t just side-shows. Here in Geneva the stage was lit, and each and every EV in the building delivered its lines with fine aplomb.

The grandest unveil of the month, however, didn’t come from Geneva surprisingly. Mr Elon Musk, whether intentionally or not, diverted attention from the major motoring event in Europe in order to unveil his latest, and long-expected, addition to the Tesla family.The Model Y has finally arrived and it looks spectacular. Will EVision be getting the Model Y? Well, keep an eye out on the social media pages of the number one Tesla rental company in the country (EVision Electric Car Hire of course) and find out nearer to the time when the Model Y is due to be released in the UK (no news on this yet).

An Astounding April

In the words of the Irish comedian, Jimmy Cricket, “c’mere, there’s more”. Just as we get our breath back from a memorable month of March, April comes and takes our breath away once again.

Grey Kia e-niroIt was during this month that EVision Electric Car Hire announced that we will be receiving the Kia e-Niroimminently. So not one but two makes of electric car will be joining the EVision family. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a kid at Christmas. To find out a little more about the e-Niro we have coming EVision’s way, read the recent EVision Electric Car Hire blog post about it.

Only a few weeks after winning the prestigious European Car of the Year Award, the Jaguar I-Pace went one step further and took the global prize at the New York Auto Show. Not satisfied with winning one award in New York, the I-Pace greedily (and deservedly) scooped THREE of the major honours. The car also won the Car Design of the Year Award and the Green Car of the Year Award. All-in-all it’s been a pretty amazing start to the year for the Jaguar team.

Jaguar I-Pace AwardAway from the glitz and glamour of the New York Auto Show, it is in London where, arguably, the most important news of April came from. The Ultra-Low Emissions Zone went into force in Central London, with new restrictions on polluting vehicles and large fines in place. Does the zone go far enough? Absolutely not, but it is the start of a greener future in the UK. And surely this can only be a good thing.

A Few Final Thoughts

Just picking a few of my personal highlights from the first third of the year was challenging. What I have mentioned in this blog post is merely a drop in the ocean of electric car news. So much has happened already and is continuing to happen all the time. It’s incredible to think, having been so overwhelmed by the fabulous EV developments that are happening, that it will be 2020 that is highly expected to be the major tipping point year for electric cars (or so a lot of us believe). It’s an exciting time to be involved in the EV industry. We hope you will join us for this magically charged ride.