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Audi e-tron Electric Car Hire
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Audi e-tron Self Drive Hire

Audi e-tron
Model Audi e-tron
Range 249 miles (WTLP rated)
0-60 MPH 5.7 seconds
Max Speed 124mph
Drive Train 4WD
Seats 5

Audi e-tron

Length of Hire

1 - 90 Days

91 - 364 Days

365+ Days

Hire Charge
(Excluding VAT)
£145.00 / day £715.00 / week £659.00 / week
£29.00 / day £143.00 / week £131.80 / week
£174.00 / day £858.00 / week £790.80 / week



EVision Insurance
£20.00 / day £100.00 / week £100.00 / week
EVision Reduced Excess
(£4000 to £500 deposit)*
£20.00 / day £100.00 / week £100.00 / week
Tyre Damage Waiver £3.00 / day £3.00 / day £3.00 / day
Screen Damage Waiver £3.00 / day £3.00 / day £3.00 / day

- EVision's Insurance and Reduced Excess is optional. Customers can take out their own insurance policy, in which case documents must be provided to EVision.
- A deposit of £4000 (or £500) is required to cover any damage in the event of an incident. This is refundable when the car is returned in a satisfactory standard.
- Prices based on collection from our pick up points. Delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.
- You must be aged 30 or over in order to hire and drive an Audi.

*Range - The actual range that you experience will vary based on your particular use conditions. Vehicle range will vary depending on the vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operating, environmental and climate conditions.

**For all Tesla (excluding the P100D), Jaguar and Audi cars where our insurance is being used, a refundable deposit of £4,000 is required when the car returned without damage. This can be reduced to £500 through the use of our excess reduction offer at an extra daily cost of £20.00 per day.

You must be aged 30 or over in order to hire and drive a Tesla, Audi or Jaguar.

Prices quoted are for self collection of the vehicle from the EVision office. EVision can arrange delivery of the vehicle at the beginning of the hire and collection at the end of the hire for all vehicles, subject to an extra charge.

Account customers are not required to make a deposit when booking a vehicle. We are more than happy to set up business accounts subject to the usual credit checks and your acceptance of our standard Account Terms & Conditions.

All Hires: Mileage Fair Use Policy applies. See Terms & Conditions.

Hire the Audi e-tron

EVision are proud to announce that the Audi e-tron has arrived! This is Audi’s very first venture into the pure electric car market and they are laying down a serious marker in quality and style. We are looking forward to welcoming this new EV and we are sure you are too. To hire the Audi fill in the contact form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.