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Turning Heads at the Prom

Posted on August 10th, 2018 at 10:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

School Prom season was a busy time for EVision Electric Car Hire. We had a lot of prom car enquiries and rentals over the course of May, June and July. And although we do get some brilliant feedback from our customers, often we do not find out anything about the full experience of the cars at these events. This year, for the first time, EVision are able to give the inside story. Our Marketing Executive, David, used an EVision electric car to take his son to his year 6 prom. This is the story of prom night as told by David.

Tesla Chauffeur

My son has never been one for extravagance at big events. However, he knew that I worked for a company where you can hire a Tesla and that was enough to pique his interest. I was asked if I could get my son a Tesla for prom night and I duly made the enquiries the following day. Success! A Tesla Model S was available for the big night, and it was now time to get very excited.

On the day of the big event, the EVision team prepped the car for me in the same way that they prep all other cars that go out on hire. The Tesla Model S was immaculate inside and out, and I expected nothing less knowing the care that the EVision team put into making the cars look utterly spectacular. And by early that Friday afternoon I was ready to set off. I cruised through historic Rochester in my very shiny Tesla Model S, taking note of the many admiring glances along the way. And with a lot of tailbacks due to an accident (not involving me I should add), there was plenty of time for others to admire the car. I even got the occasional appreciative nod from fellow journeymen.

Tesla Chauffeur

Having battled my way through the unusually heavy traffic which turned a 30 minute journey into a 3 hour journey (but, hey, I’m in a Tesla so I’m happy), I eventually made it home. Despite the delay there was still plenty of time to take the obligatory prom photos, with my son being very happy to pose by the car with his classmate. With the pictures out of the way I was then able to take the boys on a little drive around the Town before the big drop off (when you have a Tesla you obviously want at least a little cruise in it). Although I was more impressed with the powerful, yet smooth and silent running of the car, it was the gadgets and the impressive onboard technology that held the boys interests. There really is something to impress everyone in a Tesla.

At last, it was time to escort the party-goers to their big night. I pulled slowly into the entrance in the annual procession of unique cars (and this year, interestingly, a donkey in a costume… seriously), and I noticed that it was the Tesla that was getting the most attention. The occasional ‘wow!’ and ‘is that a Tesla?!’ were clearly audible as my son lapped up his supercar entrance in style, coolly saluting his friends with a ‘hey’ and gentle head nod along the way. My son knew that he was getting a lot of attention and he was clearly loving it (and so was I if truth be told). More photos were taken after my son got out of the car (because you can’t have enough photos at the prom!) and he went in to have a truly memorable night.

Tesla Chauffeur

Although the Tesla ride was only part of the whole experience, it really made a difference. The children, probably more so than the adults, really appreciated how amazing an electric car is. They know that electric cars are the future because they are the future. I was proud to give my son a futuristic experience that will give him and me happy memories for years to come. I know from my experience that if you want to make an impression at a big event, whether it is a prom or another special occasion, then you will achieve your aims when you hire a Tesla from EVision. In fact, particularly if you have a younger audience, you will be received with awe by the crowd if you hire an electric car of any make from EVision Electric Car Hire.

If you too would like to hire a Tesla, hire a BMW i3 or hire a Renault ZOE, then visit the EVision Electric Car Hire website at www.evrent.co.uk or give us a call on 01634 914 063 to make a booking or enquiry. We look forward to giving you that extra-special experience as well.