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Tesla Model S 75D steals the show - RedDoor Homes

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 12:00PM - Author - David McKnight - EVision

On Friday the 4th of May I took part in a promotional video shoot for EVision Electric Car Hire, which was shot by Red Door Homes. The filming was not only great fun it also gave me the chance to go out in a sumptuous Tesla Model S 75D.

Sometimes the little things in life really matter. This was particularly true for me that day. With the sun beating down in full force, the first thing I did when I got in the car was turn the temperature of the climate control down… way down. The glorious cold air that came forth was not only a welcome respite but was also quite surprising. I couldn’t believe how quickly it took for the full effect of the cold air to kick in. No waiting for an initial warm blast to get down to the optimal level.

I showed the film crew inside and outside the car, including the very generous space in both boots (there’s another boot in the front where you would normally find an engine. Clever, eh!). The film crew was very impressed that the ‘key’ was in the shape of a Tesla car, and with the way the car’s handles glide out from their hiding place in the doors (it’s those little things again). There were appreciative murmurs as I showed my guests the control panel and dashboard, impressing upon them the fact that there are only 2 buttons of note on the whole dashboard (glove box and hazard warning lights in case you wondered).

I knew that I couldn’t keep them waiting any longer. It was time to take the show on the road… quite literally. Although I have driven a Tesla Model S before, the power of the acceleration still takes my breath away. It is even more impressive the first time you feel it, as was obvious from the large intake of air from my passengers and the exclamation of ‘amazing!’ as we glided down the road. The Model S is a joy to drive and is even a thrill from the passenger seat. There aren’t too many cars whereby you could say the same.

After our short drive and filming was over, the film crew thanked me for a great morning. I could tell by the expression on their faces that it was an experience they would not forget in a hurry. I could say the same thing.

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