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Putting the X into exciting with a Tesla

Posted on May 24, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

When I was told ‘I think we need a blog post about the Tesla Model X’ I must admit that I gave a little internal yelp with excitement. Although I have driven the Model S on several occasions, this would be the first time I had been let loose with the Model X.

Model X Leeds Castle

The first thing I did when given the key was to have a play with the falcon wing doors. I couldn’t help but think of the car from Back to the Future when I saw them open. Although, I can assure you that I would not be driving this wonderful car at 88 miles per hour (although it can reach a top speed of 130mph). There would be no time travelling for me that day.

Back to the Future is, perhaps, an apt reference for this car. The technology, as you would expect from a Tesla, is really cutting edge. Whether it is the fact that you can open and close the doors and the rear boot with the Tesla shaped ‘key’, or whether it is the incredibly impressive iPad style control panel that controls so much of the car’s internal features, you really feel that you are experiencing something from a time we have not yet arrived at.

The Model X, as with the Model S, is very comfortable to sit in. There is a complete range of seating controls that allow you to optimise your seat to the exactly how you need it, including a very comfortable lower back posture control. Once you have everything adjusted to how you want it you are ready to drive. I can hear some people saying ‘I think you’ll find you have to start the car first’. Well, actually I don’t. There is no keyhole or starting button in this car. Once you are sat in the driving seat the car knows you are there and is ready to get going (it’s that futuristic technology yet again). The car glided along the road absolutely beautifully and not forgetting to mention, silently. You do need to get used to the regenerative braking of the Tesla cars, something that puts power back into the battery and gives the car extra range (more clever tech), but you do get used to it very quickly. I took the car for a drive through Rochester in Kent, never quite getting used to the admiring glances I received along the way. The immediate application or torque that you get with an electric car was at my feet, enabling me to accelerate to change lanes with great ease. The gentle ride was a wonderful stress reliever. The Tesla Model X was a pleasure to drive and I hope to drive the Model X again soon.

To hire a Tesla Model X, visit our self-drive hire page: https://www.evrent.co.uk/tesla_x_home.html You too will be saying “Great Scott!” when you get behind the wheel of this incredible vehicle.