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So, you think you want to lease a BMW i3?

Posted on October 9th, 2018 at 16:00PM - by EVision - On the pulse with our EV News

EVision Electric Car Hire always keeps its finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest EV news. And there has been a never-ending flurry of amazing news in the last couple of months. EVision has, as our regular readers know, commented on all of the biggest, ground-breaking EV news that gets released (we like to share our joy). A few of these EV news stories would certainly have appealed to company owners or key people within companies that deal with fleet vehicles.


Summits and more

It is clear that the UK government is taking giant steps towards being world leaders in the electric car industry. At the recent summit on zero emission vehicles, the Prime Minister pledged to invest a huge amount of money towards the development and research of electric vehicles. It is also clear that there is a desire to get more businesses investing in the electric car market by taking on electric company and fleet cars.
The implementation of an advisory fuel rate for electric cars came into force this September. The lack of an electric car rate had been seen as a barrier to the implementing of electric vehicles into fleets. Now that barrier is down and there is more clarity for businesses regarding what they need to pay. It is hoped there will now be a greater uptake of EV fleet and company cars.

The Benefit in Kind

The new advisory fuel rate is not the only government initiative to boost electric vehicle business usage. Changes to the Benefit in Kind (BIK) rate were announced in the Autumn Statement of 2016, with confirmation coming in the Finance Bill following shortly afterwards. This means that the Benefit in Kind rate will fall to just 2% in the 2020/2021 financial year. This is opposed to the 19% as originally intended.
For more about the BIK changes, read my more in-depth blog on the subject, entitled ‘Lowering the Benefit – How Kind’. This was published on our website in August. With these benefits it is no wonder that more businesses seriously consider electric cars as a real option. Additionally, the fact that many Cities are already implementing either ultra-low or zero emission zones (Oxford, London and Leeds to name a few), soon electric cars will not only be desirable but also necessary.

Hiring from EVision is the better choice

Although buying a fleet of electric cars outright is an option for some, we believe that hiring offers so many more benefits and provides much more flexibility for a company. When you hire a company car from EVision Electric Car Hire you don’t have to worry about depreciation of the car. You can upgrade or downgrade your car at any time. Your company doesn’t have to pay any maintenance costs for the car. All EVision cars have unlimited mileage on them (something that is not offered by most of our competitors). And, if you hire from EVision for 12 months plus, we will supply a charge point for free.

Lease a BMW i3 or Rent a BMW i3. What’s the difference?

Now you are joining the revolution and hiring an EVision electric car, you need to decide which car to have. Some businesses will want to rent a Tesla or use an executive chauffeur in Kent from EVision. However, we know that this is not an option for many. Rest assured, at EVision Electric Car Hire there are other electric cars for you to choose from. If you have thought that you might like to lease a BMW i3 for yourself or for your business, consider hiring from EVision. Many think that leasing is the only option for long term solutions. However, hiring an electric car over a long period from EVision will actually provide you with more freedom. Many people will use the terms ‘lease’ and ‘hire’ interchangeably, however, in the car industry they have very separate meanings. With a lease you would be subject to a range of legislation and you would be required to pay a deposit for the lease upfront.
When you hire long term from EVision Electric Car hire you only pay for your vehicle use at the end of each month. Although many companies will usually impose a mileage limit on a car hire, EVision do not. All of our cars come with unlimited mileage to give you greater peace of mind.


Why you should choose to hire a BMW i3 from EVision Electric Car Hire for your fleet

So, why a BMW i3? The BMW i3 is a low-cost, powerful and spacious small car made by a company that has many decades of car-building experience, not to mention a well-earned reputation for excellence. When you hire a BMW i3 from EVision as, opposed to deciding to lease a BMW i3 from elsewhere, you can be assured that you will be given first class service at a very competitive price. Plus, with the 12 month plus hire you don’t need to worry about finding a charge point over night. We will supply and install one for free (up to one charge point per car hired for the qualifying period).

The BMW i3 - The perfect fleet vehicle

The BMW i3 makes an excellent choice as a fleet vehicle. With a real-world range of around 150 miles you can be assured that you will have plenty of charge to make the vast majority of daily trips. Even if you wanted to go further afield, there is a quickly growing network of chargers throughout the country. With the aid of the Zap Map App you will never have to worry about being stranded en route to your destination.
The BMW i3 has a comfortable, state-of-the-art interior and is incredibly roomy for a small car. The on-board computer systems has many useful functions, including satellite navigation and hands free phone connectivity. This allows you to stay in contact with your key people while on the move. The BMW i3 also boasts an excellent climate system. Quickly providing cooling air in the summer and soothing warmth in the winter. And to help you warm your bones on the early morning winter business trips, the BMW i3 includes heated seats.

Hire a BMW i3 for your business

To hire a BMW i3 for your business we charge £29.00 for daily hire or £203.00 for a week (excluding VAT and insurance). However, if you were to hire for 3 months or more we would apply a discount, with our daily price dropping to £20.71 and our weekly price dropping to £145.00 (excluding VAT and insurance). We would also apply a further discount for long-term multi-vehicle hires. If you are looking to rent a BMW i3 you will be hard pushed find a better deal anywhere else.

You don’t have to be a business to rent a BMW i3 from EVision

Of course, the BMW i3 isn’t just perfect for businesses. Whereas the Tesla cars are the first choice as a wedding car or a prom car. The BMW i3 is the perfect car for day-to-day driving. Thanks to its very nippy acceleration you can change lanes quickly with ease. This makes the BMW i3 great for urban driving, such as in London.
And while we are on the subject of London, if you rent a BMW i3 from EVision Electric Car Hire, you will be exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge or the T-Charge. The BMW i3 is also exempt in the ultra-low and zero emission zones becoming more prominent in the UK.

The BMW i3 self-drive hire rates

On our self-drive hire page you will find a full breakdown of costs, including with and without VAT and insurance figures. Without VAT and insurance from EVision Electric Car Hire, the cost of the daily hire is £29.00. The all-in ‘on the road’ price which includes VAT, insurance and reduced excess is only £54.80. When hiring a BMW i3 on a long-term arrangement we will provide the discounted rate when making an enquiry.

Going on a longer journey you may wish to rent a BMW i3 Range Extender. This will give you a very impressive 200 miles of range to help you on your travels. Again, as with the standard BMW i3, we have a full breakdown of the hire prices for the BMW i3 Range Extender on our self-drive hire page. For only a few pounds more you are getting an extra 50 miles and further peace of mind.

If you want to hire a BMW i3 from us, either for yourself or for your company, then please get in touch with us on 01634 914063. Or you can contact us via the contact form on our website. You are also able to enquire if you wish to rent a Tesla Model S, hire a Tesla Model X. Or maybe you’d like to rent a Renault ZOE. Whatever you choose, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

And Finally – A BMW i3 Special Offer

And now for some exciting EV news for our readers. EVision Electric Car Hire has a special limited offer for anyone who wants to hire a BMW i3 for a period of 3 months or more. The usual weekly price for three month plus rental is £174 including VAT. We are offering a weekly price of just £100!!! This offer is limited to the number of BMW i3s we have on our fleet. So if you want to rent a BMW i3, now is the time to do it!