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EVision Electric Car Hire - To Attend Green Fleet Arrive'n'Drive

Posted on August 22nd, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News


EVision Electric Car Hire to attend Green Fleet Arrive'n'Drive 2018!

Breaking EV news

EVision Electric Car Hire are all set to attend Green Fleet Arrive'n'Drive 2018 on Thursday 27th September. Arrive'n'Drive is the UK’s leading ultra-low emission fleet event which will be making a comeback for 2018. EVision Electric Car Hire are excited to announce attendance for this years event, held at Rockingham in Northamptonshire. Green Fleet Arrive'n'Drive will be celebrating their 13th year at "The Home" of the Arrive’n’Drive, whereby they have organised the very latest in low emission vehicles and technology. Fleet managers and professionals can test drive the vehicles and really put them through their paces.

We get the feeling this year is going to be jam packed with even more EV news and technology than the last! Expect to see UK Publisher William Reed Business Media educate fuel forecourt owners on the latest EV and charging technology. Other top exhibitors including BMW, CPL, ElecrAssure plus many more including EVision!

Our EVision Fleet

Here at EVision, we have an ever-growing fleet of over 100 vehicles, providing affordable EVs including Tesla S and X models, Renault ZOE and BMW i3. This means more choice for our clients. EVision are attending Arrive’n’Drive to promote the electric fleet. Just to give you a bit of background into our EVision cars:

- The Renault ZOE

Is very much just like a conventional car. The ZOE looks and feels just like any other standard petrol or diesel car. It comes complete with a handbrake, central control system for selecting drive, reverse and park similar to any automatic. It also makes a whirring sound, giving peace of mind for those concerned about the lack of noise when it comes to pedestrians. Perfect for those skeptical about EV’s, The Renault ZOE is great for driving around town and making those small trips, as its regenerative braking kicks in, putting charge back into the car – great for those with range anxiety concerns. Find out more about Range Anxiety at: https://www.evrent.co.uk/range_anxiety.html

- The BMW i3

Has more of a futuristic look and feel, with its grand design, funky choice of colours and environmentally friendly interior and exterior. In comparison to other electric cars, the BMW i3 gives you it’s full power from the moment you touch the accelerator, meaning it is a swift way of transporting round the local town and shops. As there is a little more punch in the engine, the BMW i3 is also brilliant for motorway driving, and going on that extra journey. With exceptional looks and outstanding handling, it would make anyone want to swap to an EV, especially something that is a step up from your conventional car.

- Tesla Model S & X

For something out of this world, built for speed and luxury, it has to be the Tesla range. With both the S & X models on our fleet, EVision have everything there is to offer when it comes to this luxurious hire. Since the release of the first luxury electric Sedan in 2012, Tesla have grown to exceed all electric expectations. When you hire a Tesla you are driving the safest, most exhilarating electric car on the road. The plush interior, and a 17 inch screen in the middle of the dashboard, allowing the driver control of literally everything in the car with a single touch, and a range of up to 257 miles on the Tesla model X, means you won’t want anything else from a car, at such an affordable price.

New Arrival

As of late 2018, the hugely-demanded Jaguar I-PACE will soon be available to hire from us at EVision. We can't wait, and I’m sure you can’t either! You would be mad not to want to experience a car that has such a luxurious interior. The I-PACE has an Enhanced Brake Regeneration System, and an exterior design minimising wind noise, creating the perfect atmosphere and sound for passengers. We could go on about this car all day!

For all of the EV’s we have on fleet at Evision mentioned above, you can view our business pricing here. Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to electric vehicles for your company.

Business Pricing

Why EVision Electric Car Hire you may ask? Hiring cars for your fleet from EVision makes a lot of sense for many reasons:

  • As your hiring from EVision you won’t have to worry about the depreciation in value of the cars
  • You're not tied down by a contract - you pick and choose how long you hire our vehicles out for
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your fleet at any time you like
  • No need to worry about any maintenance costs
  • We supply an unlimited mileage policy on all of our cars
  • The fuel saving on electric cars are substantial compared to conventional fuel cars
  • The benefit in kind is much lower on electric company vehicles compared to those than run on petrol or diesel

Fleets customers can benefit from being offered a discount on having multiple cars out at a time, as well as how long they have them hired out for. Any period of time longer than 3 months and you could be saving yourself money. It does make it quite hard to turn down the truly great benefits of EVision.

We are super excited to be part of Arrive’n’Drive, we love everything EV and are thrilled to be meeting other enthusiasts and get talking. You can see a short intro to us at Evision at: http://arrivendrive.greenfleet.net/evision if you want to find out anything else about us.

Book your tickets to attend Green Fleet Arrive'n'Drive

To book tickets to attend an electrifying day you can visit: http://arrivendrive.greenfleet.net/register. If you have your tickets or you’re in the process of getting them, feel free to drop us a message. Contact our social media channels letting us know you’re attending, we would love to hear from you.

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We can’t wait to see you there!