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Going to the Show (the London Motor Show that is)

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 16:00PM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

EVision attended its first London Motor Show last weekend, and it was utterly amazing! Thursday morning was set-up day with 4 hours of the show being open in the afternoon. I was in charge of taking the Tesla Model X up to the ExCel Centre in London to be displayed over the course of the weekend (which was a joy in itself), with our Marketing Manager, Sherene, following in the Model S to ferry us back and forth from the Capital.


Thursday Morning was very quiet in the ExCel Exhibition Room and we were able to play around a bit with the positioning of the Model X and set our stand up. We did put the Model X into Christmas Mode a couple of times first though (it has to be done), and that soon got the attention of the other exhibitors in the room. Seriously, who wouldn’t be impressed with a dancing car?!


Once the set-up was done we were able to have a wander around the exhibition room to have a look at some of the other vehicles on show (and they were very impressive). Something that I found really pleasantly surprising was the number of electric cars that were on display. As well as our own Tesla Model X there was also a Model S, a Jaguar iPace, several Nissan Leafs (or should that be leaves? Maybe someone could find out and let me know. Baffling!), and even a fleet of electric taxis. The charge point providers Ovo and ChargedEV were present to provide expert advice to our visitors over the weekend, and there were several companies there with the job of promoting electric vehicles.

I expected Thursday afternoon to be quite quiet when the show opened, due to the fact that it was press day. How wrong could one man be? Very wrong it would seem! From the moment the show opened to the time it closed on Sunday afternoon, EVision was a bastion of activity. It was absolutely fantastic to talk to so many people that were extremely knowledgeable about cars, and also to speak to people who had no idea about electric vehicles. Sherene, Stephen and I were on hand to provide answers to a whole variety of questions. It was clear that a lot of people are very enthusiastic about the electric car revolution, and that many people wanted to hire a Tesla to really feel its power and elegance on the road.


Our stand even attracted a celebrity following. Tiff Needell, the former racing driver, presenter of Top Gear and current presenter of Fifth Gear made an appearance. “Is anyone here from EVision?” he called out. I did my duty (rather happily I must say) and accepted Mr Needell’s request for an official London Motor Show photograph with me. Maybe I should have asked him if he wanted my autograph too. We were also visited by racing driver, World Record holder and Fifth Gear presenter, Rebecca Jackson. Rebecca was particularly impressed that the leather in our Tesla was vegan leather.

By the time the show had finished on Sunday we knew that we had done a really good job with promoting electric cars and the benefits of being able to hire an electric car. We also made excellent contacts with other companies who will surely help us push the electric car revolution to the next level. I can’t wait to go back again next year to see the progress.

Do you want to try the Tesla Model X we took to the London Motor Show? We also have the Tesla Model S, Renault ZOE and the BMW i3 available for hire. Visit us at www.evrent.co.uk