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The BMW i3 – Charging Towards the Future

Posted on August 16th, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

BMW i Range

BMWi launched in 2011 as a sub-brand of BMW. Their goal was to bring out a series of experimental cars, sold separately from the main BMW range. The BMW i3 prototype was first showcased in 2012 at the London Summer Olympic Games (if you’re going to pick an event to unveil your product, pick BIG!), with the production model of the BMW i3 being released in 2013 in Germany.

Although the look of the BMW i3 creates a bit of a ‘marmite’ situation (EVision loves it) there is no doubting that the BMW i3 is truly ground-breaking. The i3 was the first mass production car with most of its internal structure and body made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic. And with hemp being used on the door panels, the BMW i3 has a light structure which helps compensate for the weight of the battery. BMW say that the lack of engine at the front of the car allowed for them to start with a clean sheet. BMW weren’t satisfied with state-of-the art electric powertrains, they wanted to revolutionise the construction of the car’s exterior as well. It’s no fluke that the BMW i3 has won several prestigious awards (and deservedly so), including the World Green Car of the Year Award and World Car Design of the Year Award at the World Car of the Year Awards in 2014, the iF Product Design Gold Award, the UK Car of the Year 2014 and the Best Supermini of the Year Award at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2014.

BMW i3 Chassis

The car itself is very comfortable to sit in. It is, however, very different to any car I’ve been in before. Even the state-of-the-art Tesla cars don’t feel as futuristic as the inside of the BMW i3, and that is entirely intentional. You feel that BMW are making a real statement with the way the car has been designed. You can almost imagine them saying “this doesn’t look like any car you’ve been in before, because it isn’t. This is what the future of driving looks like”. From the circular ‘gear’ stick located next to the steering wheel that you need to twist to change from Drive to Reverse, down to the super technological display screen that provides you with an array of functions to make your driving experience profoundly enjoyable. BMW have given us a touch of something supremely special.

BMW i Range

The most important question to ask when you consider hiring a BMW i3, however, is what it is like to drive. As you would expect from an electric car, the acceleration is extremely nippy. A small car with instant torque delivered to the motor makes the BMW i3 a great car for urban driving. If you go to London, for example, you want to hire an electric car that can handle the busy roads and be ready to change lane in an instant. The BMW i3 delivers in this respect, and it does so with aplomb. You will also have the added bonus of not having to pay any congestion charge fees or T-Charge fees in London (which, as I’m sure most of you will know, do not apply to electric cars, thanks to their ultra-low (zero in fact) emissions status).

We at EVision Electric Car Hire enjoy the BMW i3 because it is fun, different and quirky. It is also extremely practical in real-world situations. If you want to really try something unlike anything you’ve tried before, then we would recommend that you rent a BMW i3 and put it to the test. We are sure you will be back for more.

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