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An Electrifying Weekend.

Posted on June 11th, 2018 at 13:00PM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

Another week and another show. EVision Electric Car Hire attended the Fully Charged Live Show at the Silverstone racing track last weekend, and what an amazing event it was too. After a busy day of getting everything set up on the BMW i3 stand on Friday with our friends from BMW in Maidstone, as well as our outside stand with our Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S and Renault ZOE, it was time to greet the public early on Saturday morning.

Being the first ever Fully Charged Show Live it was always a question of how many people are interested in electric cars or renewable energy that would attend the event. Would it be successful or would it be a bit of a quiet weekend? Well, there was no need to worry. From early in the morning, people turned up in droves. To paraphrase Michael Caine from the film Zulu, “People… thousands of them”. More than 6,000 people attended the event and helped make it a roaring success that was beyond anyone’s imagination. We met so many people (many of whom don’t even own an electric vehicle) who were fascinated by our cars. And it wasn’t just the Teslas that were getting all the attention. The Renault ZOE and the BMW i3 had people completely enamoured with them, and with many wanting to rent one from us before buying one themselves.

Our Teslas too, unsurprisingly, had a lot of attention as well. We were really pleased to talk to one person who recognised our Tesla Model X as the same car he used for his wedding day. He even stayed around our Tesla Model X for quite some time telling others how great the car is. It is always a joy to speak to past customers, particularly when they have such fond memories of having used one of our cars before (I’ve not yet received a bad review). It would not come as a shock that many people want to drive a Tesla, and we were so pleased that we could offer so many electric car enthusiasts the chance to rent a Tesla from us, giving them either the opportunity to drive a Tesla for the experience or to try one before they bought one for themselves.

One of the most surprising things that we found out from the event was that over half of those attending did not own an electric car (as was determined by a show of hands during one of the main stage talks). This shows that electric cars are really capturing the public’s imagination by storm. The enthusiasm for electric vehicles is there, and as technology develops and more car companies bring out even more variety in electric cars, many more people will convert away from conventionally fuelled vehicles. EVision is proud to say that we are a part of this amazing revolution, allowing people to rent a Tesla, or hire a BMW i3 or hire a Renault ZOE.

There can be doubt that the Fully Charged Show live was an overwhelming success, and that it is an event that will stay in the car enthusiasts calendar for many years to come. Interest in electric vehicles is shooting up and is unlikely to reach its peak for many years yet. If you want to rent a Tesla, a BMW i3 or a Renault ZOE, then EVision Electric Car Hire is the place for you. Visit our website at www.evrent.co.uk to see the wide range of electric cars we have available.