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A Very Special Visit

Posted on June 25th, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News

On Wednesday the 13th of June EVision Electric Car Hire had the honour of being visited by Councillor Antony Hook of Kent County Council. Having initially made contact with Cllr Hook via our EVision Twitter account, it was clear that there was a real desire from him to make big, impacting changes to help reduce the level of air pollution. Councillor Hook was under no illusion as to what the main cause of air pollution is either, stating that 1,000 people in Kent alone die every year through health issues related to air pollution, with diesel and petrol cars being the overwhelming contributor to stand such a horrifying statistic. Something has to change and there was a common consensus that electric vehicles will play a major role in that change. And that’s where EVision Electric Car Hire comes in.

I met Cllr Hook in the morning and introduced him to our fleet team. We then had a very in-depth discussion about electric vehicles in general. How they work, how they are charged, what different methods of charging there are, what is currently available on the electric vehicle market, how battery technology is developing at a scarily rapid pace, and what the short-term future in electric vehicles is. There was no shortage of questions from Mr Hook who was clearly very keen to get as much information as he could. We went on to discuss the main issues and fears/myths around electric vehicle use, such as range anxiety and the standard of the infrastructure network in Kent.

Once we had covered all the main points, we then went outside to look at a range of the cars on our fleet. Cllr Hook was shown the features that were in the Renault ZOE, the BMW i3, the BMW i3 Range Extender, the Tesla Model S75, the Tesla Model S85 and the Tesla Model X75D. We discussed the advantages that each vehicle has and how each vehicle could benefit different people for a variety of reasons.


Councillor Hook was impressed by the range of vehicles we had and left feeling much more enlightened on the subject of electric cars. Once the obligatory photos were taken we then parted ways, with a promise from Councillor Hook that he would look into expanding the charge point network throughout the County and also spread the message that electric car hire was available (Cllr Hook was unaware that electric car hire even existed in the UK, or especially that the UK’s first and largest electric car hire company is based in Kent (yes, it’s us)).

EVision look forward to working with the Councillor and seeing what positive changes he is able to implement in Kent, particularly with the number of charge points within the County. Cllr Hook is fully aware that Electric cars are the future and that EVision Electric Car Hire can play a big part in galvanising the electric revolution.

Do you want to see what impressed Councillor Hook so much about our cars? Maybe you have always wanted to drive a Tesla or just experience any type of electric car. With EVision you can. Rent a Tesla Model S or X, hire a Renault ZOE or hire a BMW i3. All are available and waiting to be taken onto the open road. Find out more by visiting www.evrent.co.uk