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Blog Post – A European Adventure

Posted on June 25th, 2018 at 11:00AM - by EVision - The Latest EV News


When a customer decides to hire a Tesla, a Renault ZOE or a BMW i3 from EVision Electric Car Hire, we don’t usually get to hear about the adventures they get up to. However, one of our customers that chose to hire a Renault ZOE from EVision was gracious enough to give us the lowdown on their European trip. And, wow, what an adventure it was too!

To protect our customer’s identity I shall refer to him as Samuel (after the English Explorer, Samuel Baker. It seems somehow appropriate, as I’m sure you will agree). Many people who use an electric car for the first time will choose to do shorter routes, or at least stay within the UK. Even the more seasoned electric vehicle drivers would choose to hire a Tesla if they were decided upon a longer trip, particularly away from the UK shores, largely due to the expansive Tesla Supercharger network throughout the continent. However, Samuel chose to make his first EV experience one that will long live in EVision folklore.


Samuel hired a Renault ZOE from EVision in early June and set forth on what would be an epic 800 mile journey through 5 countries, starting off from the EVision Head Ofice in Rochester and arriving in Mosel (Germany) before returning to the UK. Every roadtrip deserves it’s own suitable soundtrack, and this one was no different. Samuel set off to the sound of Bob Marley singing ‘3 little birds’, which assured Samuel not to worry about a thing as every little thing is going to be alright. Bob’s words are always wise and, Samuel hoped, also prophetic this time.

The first leg of Samuel’s journey was from the EVision Head Office to Ghent in Belgium (on a single charge I may add). Samuel had done his research prior to emarking on his trip and found that Belgium is world-leader when it comes to free charging points. Retailers such as Ikea, Lidl, Delhaize and Cora Hypermarket, for example, have free charging for electric vehicles (although, Samuel adds a caveat that the free charging usually lasts for one hour, so be prepared to pay a small fee if you need longer than this). With a couple of charges along the route, Samuel was happily able to make his way to his destination, the stunning Mosel region of Germany.

Although Samuel was able to charge his car, and for free, he did have a few words of warning. As many (all, I presume) electric car drivers will be aware, there is an issue with the number of different charge point providers and the number of cards/apps you require around the country. In Europe it is similar, but worse. Although many chage points were free, Samuel still had issues when it came to ‘unlocking’ them. Even the ones that didn’t require a card or app were very confusing, even to the locals who were still unused to the system.

Something else that Samuel recommended to us was the use of a good charge point finder app. Samuel found that Chargemap was the best one for Europe as it was the most concise and up-to-date app of all that were tried.


All-in-all, Samuel thoroughly enjoyed his adventure abroad, and he says that there is no need to worry about range (so Bob Marley was right all along). There are plenty of charge points around Europe, just make sure that you have the charge point finder app downloaded, and prepare ahead if you are going on a long distance roadtrip like Samuel did.

Many thanks to “Samuel” for sharing his story and his photos with us. We hope he has many more adventures with our EVision electric cars.

If you want to hire a ZOE, a BMW i3 or a Tesla to go on your own adventure, then visit the EVision Electric Car Hire website at www.evrent.co.uk . We look forward to hearing what your experiences in the UK and beyond are.